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2k on dc power stay on


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Dec 7, 2008
so today i decided to run my 2k of my external power supply just to see if any diff from the internal power supply.
well, the power switch is off but the radio is on. and when i push in on the power switch the lights brighten up the way it supposes to be, with the switch in the off position
the radio is still on but the lights are not as bright i don't think it's the power switch as it should do it when on ac power but it doesn't only when using dc power.

well after leaving the radio on for a day now it's back to normal these radios are temperamental when not used for quite a while
Forty-year syndrome would be my guess. f

The cliche we have seen over and over with a Uniden base radio put back to work after a long shelf visit? It works for a week or less before an electrolytic cap shorts and shuts down one of several parts of the radio. If yours works better after the first few days of operating, so much the better.


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    DXMaps has you in SE Wisconsin today BJ
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    Say what? :love:
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    6m OPEN nicely today...Big Sigs from South Path...band has noise for me last 3-4 days. Not sure what generating this garbage.
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    Look in your 6m thread BJ
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    Sorry BJ, just took a better look at it, after cleaning my readers, it wasn't you. Similar callsign.