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2nd 2980 Issue


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Jan 16, 2023
The 2980 is down again. Out of the blue, for no reason at all the volume decided to go to full blast. Didnt touch a thing, did it all by itself. Turned the volume and rf gain all the way down and it still screaming at about 1/2 the volume, cant get it to turn down all the way. Switched it to pa mode, no more volume, did what it should and pa works as well as ext speaker. Also have an issue with the signal meter reading low (everybody was a S3 never went any higher) be but i let it slide. Funny thing is when i switch to pa mode the signal meter will jump up and read the incoming signals at where i believe they should be at, dont think this is normal for pa mode or maybe im wrong? The only other thing is the phone jack doesnt work but it was like that before this volume problem started today. Have looked at the schematic but a lot of it is beyond my comprehension. Problem after problem, never seems to end with older radios. Hopefully i can figure it out but its not looking to good right now.

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