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7 big ones for Crow


Jun 1, 2017
I followed the filings in the case via the PACER system and, initially, was underwhelmed with the result; I suspected that, absent a FOIA request, additional details would never be made public due to it being referred to arbitration and never actually getting into a courtroom.

Giving it more thought, however, I suspected that once it was referred to and accepted by the DOJ, there was probably no possibility of the Forfeiture being significantly reduced in exchange for surrender of license - as these matters are typically handled administratively by the FCC for those that bother to respond when they receive an NAL.

I suspect that VR actually believed, among other things, that he'd be able to argue against the whole thing because they sent it to his actual physical address rather than the address on his license [i.e., "Well, I know I was on the internet that very day pleading responding to the NAL and pleading my case in the Court of Public Opinion, but I never actually received a paper copy so, case dismissed ROTFLMAO"], but that he wouldn't have to because it would take as long if not longer than the Baxter affair to play out.

I also suspect that the six-month reduction to Tech privileges -- rather than a slap on the wrist -- was an afterthought, intended to give them some wiggle-room in case he doesn't actually pay the agreed-upon forfeiture.

IMO, a better punishment than forcing the original base amount of the Forfeiture, would have been to shave off another $3,000-$4,000 and reduce him to Tech permanently.

The kind of stupid games he likes to play don't, as a rule, fly on local 2 meter repeaters outside of Los Angeles and especially not on the WIN System.

I also doubt that all those local amateurs that were implied to have been a part of a conspiracy with the FCC, VE7KFM and that, "dumb [racial slur for persons of Polish ancestry] FCC guy in Philadelphia" to frame VR and subject him to, "trial by press release" were interested in talking simplex with him.
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Apr 3, 2005
Louisville, KY
The last guy I know who pissed off the FCC that much was banned from touching a ham radio for five years. After they canceled his license. He called it "radio jail".

But he applied for a ham license the week the five years expired, and upgraded to Extra. Still has an attitude, but cleaned up his act on the air. The FCC has left him alone the last few decades.

He's the only person I know to get beaten up for annoying somebody on the radio. Don't know if that moderated his behavior or not.

But now that he's over 60 he has mellowed a bit. He sure did tear up the CB and ham radio frequencies when he was was a teenager.

Who knows, maybe there's hope for this clown.



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Sep 28, 2014
Perhaps the FCC has a "plan", Crow agreed to pay the money, if he doesn't, then the price of playin poker just went up.

Also, there is a paragraph in the actual agreement that says he (CROW) will NEVER have any contact with any of the individuals involved in the interference.

How long do you think psyco brian will do that?

The Canadian or other U.S. operators WILL bait him and sooner or later Crow will break the agreement... end of game.

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