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A99 Ground Plane Kit


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Oct 23, 2005
Has anyone got a A99 radial kit with the hub that is still in fair to good shape...that they might sell?

Grampa has no ears.

Thanks & 73's

That is alright folks, I'll just use some # 8 Wire and a couple of hose clamps.

You don't need the radials to be too long to work according to my models...they have very little current flowing on those 72" slanted down redials anyway.

The regular GPK also does not seem to me to show much current for the radials. The A99, GPK is how Solarcon coned
us all with the GPK.

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Jeff, sorry I didn't follow-up with you here.

The answer is...not yet, but that was right before I got really sick.
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I read somewhere that zip tying 9 feet of coax
down the Antron 99 was the better bang for the buck
compared to radials. Can't find the reference just
now it's something to do with how it's loaded at the base??
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Tom at about 9' is the length I use to place my Eznec choke on my A99 models...bellow the feed point. Any more or less than 9' the model starts to develop CMC interference with the antenna pattern and and gain.

I'll look and see if I've ever compared the A99 with and without radials and with and without a choke.

Thanks, and 73's
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Marconi, you once shared this. I hope it uploaded. If not, I emailed it to you.
How about summing this up so I don't say something stupid. Does this factor in the base coil and tuning nut or the mast? Does it show the 99 working the same with more bandwidth without the extra planes?

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