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Antennas and neighbors

The Howler

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Apr 22, 2020
I installed a Penetrator antenna in the back corner of my lot in mid summer.Painted it como green, and have lots of fir tree and maple trees behind, that really breaks up the outline. I ordered the AARL handbook, and have been studying for the Technitions license. I own a couple 10/12 meter radios, and cb radios.
I have read through the city ordinance online for my area and it did mention ok for Licensed armatures.
I know I am not licensed, but hope to be soon.
Noticed a city building official and code inforcement truck on my camera, in front of my property a few weeks ago, but have not gotten anything in the mail or heard from them.
Neighbor that I didn’t know very well stopped by the other day and started asking lots of questions about my setup.
I don’t transmit that much, just cb to cb with my wife from my Jeep, with no extra power, usually sideband.
I don’t know anyone else that is in to radio in my area, so I do a lot of listening and sideband radio club check-ins.
Maybe I am just being paranoid, but do they usually make people remove antennas until they are licensed?
My antenna is up in the air 50’ to the very top from ground level.
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Do you live in a HOA neighborhood? If so, most likely there will be antenna restrictions.

Other than that, you could research or inquire about your city code for your area to see of there are restrictions.

I believe the ARRL antenna guidelines for antenna privileges where no existing restrictions exist cover Amateur only, not CB so there's an incentive to get licensed.

Good luck!
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Sounds to me like a nosey neighbor called code enforcement and when code enforcement looked they saw its not something they enforce and they closed the case. Beware of the nosey neighbor(s).
If its not deed restricted or hoa you can do whatever you like within city/township/county code whether neighbors like it or not and theres not much they can do unil you cause interference but harass you with bogus code enforcement calls which i bet code enforcement wont tolerate.
I wouldn't worry too much, just beware.
This was all I could find on the city website concerning antennas that are not related to commercial or cell.

The following are exempt from the provisions of this chapter and shall be permitted in all zones:

(1) Industrial processing equipment and scientific or medical equipment using frequencies regulated by the FCC.

(2) Antennas and related equipment no more than three feet in height that are being stored, shipped, or displayed for sale.

(3) Radar systems for military and civilian communication and navigation.

(4) Wireless radio utilized for temporary emergency communications in the event of a disaster and police, fire and first responder communications facilities; provided, however, that joint use networks such as the Public Safety Broadband Network (First Net) which also provides commercial telecommunications services to the public shall be subject to this chapter.

(5) Licensed amateur (ham) radio stations.

(6) Satellite dish antennas less than two meters in diameter, including direct to home satellite services, when used as a secondary use of the property.

(7) Routine maintenance or repair of a personal wireless service facility and related equipment (excluding structural work or changes in height or dimensions of antennas, towers, or buildings); provided, that compliance with the standards of this Title is maintained.

(8) Subject to compliance with all other applicable standards of this Title, a building permit application need not be filed for emergency repair or maintenance of a personal wireless service facility until 30 days after the completion of such emergency activity.

(9) A cell on wheels or other temporary personal wireless telecommunications facility shall be permitted at a time and manner as determined by the City.

(10) Automated meter reading (AMR) facilities for collecting utility meter data for use in the sale of utility services, except for whip and other antennas greater than two feet in length; so long as the AMR facilities are within the scope of activities permitted under a valid franchise agreement between the utility service provider and the City.

(11) Strand-mounted and other stand-alone wireless local area network (“Wi-Fi”) antennas less than 1.5 cubic feet in total volume when installed pursuant to a valid franchise and certified as compliant with FCC regulations governing radio frequency (“RF”) emissions. This exception does not apply to telecommunications facilities larger in scale or electrical power.
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One lady here has bitched about my tower a few times. I just told her to go back home and mind her own business.. she also doesn't like my loud pipes on my pickup truck either, lmfao.
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Get your ticket. Erect a large tower, mount a nice large beam and a couple of omnis. What are they gonna do then??? Hell, you get a ticket for the current antenna in the trees, find a large ugly tower and erect that where everyone will see it. Yes, I'm a bit of a cussword, crossed with a stubborn and slightly vindictive streak. Especially when doing stuff that doesn't effect those complaining about it...
Well now this is an interesting thread that begs a question......

I saw the ordinance listing above with the infamous #5 concerning 'licensed amateur'.

Amateur radio requires a license.
Citizen's Band radio does not require a license.
The Federal government/FCC offers/allows BOTH services.

(Not counting HOA's) Can a lower tier of government just completely disallow installation of an antenna.... in a legal radio service.... just because you don't have a license? For crying out loud... the service doesn't require one!


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