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baofeng GT-3 Two-Way Radio review


Oct 15, 2013
Baofeng-GT-3, I just got it this week. As far as i concerned, this is a new product. i just take some pictures,
some of the photos are from www.sainsonic.com, where i bought it.


Dual-band handheld transcevier with display function menu on the display "LCD".
DTMF encoded.
Incorporates 105 codes "DCS" and 50 privacy codes "CTCSS" programmable.
Timer transmission "TOT" programmable.
Selecting the Scan Mode.
Built-in RX CTCSS/DCS scan, LED flash.
Programmable by PC.
Dual Watch/dual reception.
Level Threshold "Squelch" adjustable from 0 to 9.
Crossband reception.

Then the pictures
front side

back side



the following pictures are from their website


just same with the one I received.

One other thing to add... If this was a "review" there would be some performance "reviews" also. What is good, bad, versus the regular old uv5r and its million other clones that would make us want to buy one?
Just made a comparison with Baofeng UV 5R
for the detailed info of GT-3, you guys can refer to radioddity GT-3
Advantages over Baofeng UV-5R
Radio Frequency IC
GT-3:Radio Frequency IC
Upgrade SQ to enhance the anti-interference ability.
RDA1846S add an new tail tone elimination function, when transmit and receive signal between 50Hz with 55Hz
Improve the receiver AGV switching noise when signal strength changes severe

Frequency-Modulated Receiver Chip
The RDA5802N has a powerful low-IF digital audio processor, this make it have optimum sound quality with varying reception conditions

Power Amplifier IC

LED Flashlight
GT-3:pro-LED (straw-hat LED)
UV-5R:common LED flashlight

feel free to correct me if there is anything wrong
Sounds good, I like the GT-3's appearence.It looks good.
And I have saw ebay already sell this kind of model in US AU UK DE site
But can not sure the differences between GT-3 with UV-5R.
I am confused, can't sure which one is better
gt3 is newer with a few different hardware differences. it also costs more. its water resistant and dust resistant whereas the uv5r's are not.
I too ordered one from Amazon. should have it by end of this week. will try to review it and compare with my UV-5RE Plus.
I see that this radio is being compared to the UV 5R series. Was/is the UV 5R radio a good radio? I just bought a new one from Amazon.com for $30 shipped. I don't know much about it except the manual doesn't help much with functions like channel memory, tone select, etc.
They do what you want an HT to do, xmit when you press the button and rx when you don't. They work, not the best but look at the price. I own one and I will be buying another.

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