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baofeng GT-3 Two-Way Radio review

gt3 is newer with a few different hardware differences. it also costs more. its water resistant and dust resistant whereas the uv5r's are not.

ok i have bougth one from ebay and noticed there are more vedios on youtube about GT-3. I can't waiting for my new radio.
Just stay away from the + Plus version. It has low transmit audio.

I know you say that and so does Mad Scientist, but I have ran mine back to back with my regular UV-5R, and locals say they can't tell a difference. Don't know why, I guess I got lucky. Still, for how cheap they are, hard to pass on one.

What were you expecting in the first place?

I was not sure what to expect. I actually did not want to review any UV-5R variety anymore, because it was all about how the radios looked like, not about how they performed.

However, both the manufacturer and early adopters claimed that the GT-3 was a much better radio. I just had to check it out for myself.

Just stay away from the + Plus version. It has low transmit audio.

There is a mod to fix this I did it to my uv5r+ and it made my tx audio louder. it had to do with removing a cap and bypassing a resistor
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I got a gt 3 tp.it has almost 8 watts on 2 meters hi setting 4 watts medium and 1 watt low,jump to 70 cm 6.7 watts hi setting 3 watts medium and almost nothing on low.
The sainsonic antenna is better than my genuine nayoga clone copy of a nayoga antenna.
You have to file lip off the nayoga base to install on the gt 3 tp. In my yard on 442.xxx 23 miles from my house i can talk on our repeater very clearly. My old uv5 would never do that.
Put an adapter on it n its good on my tram dipole 35 ft high.its no name brand $250 ht but works n much more attractive than the uv 5.
Oh on hi power battery lasts good 4 hours,i got an extra battery with my radio too.
In bad conditions it could beat nothing for the price

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