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Baofeng UV-3R MKII Review - 2m/440Mhz Mini HT


Nov 26, 2011
Jacksonville, FL
While the battery was charging, I was looking over the radio and it appeared the LCD panel was off center. I could stick my fingernail in the right hand side of the display. So, I took it apart to have a look. Simple to pull apart as per Mole's instructions. Found it wasn't the LCD, but the plastic window that was out of place. Put it back in place and put her back together.

One tip when putting it back together...remove the rubber piece that covers the charge and speaker mic connections. It tends to bind up when putting the guts back in the case. It's easily reinstalled after the guts have been inserted.


Jun 17, 2009
Southeast Ohio

I just ordered another one from this seller on Friday 12/16 and got it this morning 12/19. Now that's fast for coming from china. $49.00 shipped. Woo Hoo.


Ham Radio Nerd
Apr 14, 2002
Dual Receive Functionality

I discovered some interesting behavior today with UV-3R when trying to use the dual receive functionality. The "dual receive" is really a "dual watch", meaning that it can only really receive one band at a time. What it does is quickly switch back and forth between each VFO to see if there is any activity. If it detects traffic, it leaves that VFO active. So, if you want to monitor one frequency constantly but talk on another, you have to keep hitting the V/U button to switch back and forth if you key up on the VFO you wish to talk on. It's not ideal, but it at least lets you monitor two frequencies.


Ham Radio Nerd
Apr 14, 2002

After using this little inexpensive radio for a month, here is a summary of my thoughts on this radio:

First, it's a $50 radio. If you keep your expectations inline with the money you shell out for this thing, you probably will be quite happy. It has no "bells & whistles", but it does just about everything a basic 2m/440 radio needs to do. If you are within range of repeaters that you can hit with 2 watts or less, the radio makes for a small package that be stuffed in a pocket and out of the way.

The menu system is fairly similar to other Chinese radios like the Wouxun, and it's not that difficult to figure out. Like other Chinese radios, there are no auto offsets. The speaker/mic headset accessory is junk, so you need to find something else if that is an accessory you need. There are some remaining questions about whether or not this radio meets the FCC spectral purity requirements on the 2nd harmonic of 2 meters, although with the stock antenna, I seriously doubt it's that big of an issue for most users. The programming software is simple. The battery is a common camera battery that is readily available. The shell is easy to replace, so if you beat it up, just buy a new one for $6 and change it in 5 minutes.

All things considered, it's a cheap way to get on the air and, at the price point I wouldn't be surprised if every ham ends up buying one to add to the arsenal.


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Sep 25, 2010
A ham friend of mine gave me one of these a week ago (Baofeng UV-3R), he got it so cheap he just let me have it, he has a couple more. I have to say, though I was real skeptical at first, because it's chinese made or whatever, but after using it for a week, I can't believe it only costs $50. It works fantastic. If they ever make a mobile rig or a HF rig, I wouldn't be surpized if they sold like hotcakes because of the price.

My opinion may change of it after some use, maybe 1-2 months or so if it starts having issues, but at this point, it works great, far beyond my expectations.
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Well-Known Member
Jun 27, 2010
There is a new model out... the UV-3R + Plus. It appears to be larger with a more rugged case and it has a Kenwood type plug and now features a drop in charger.

First Look Video:
Brick O'Lore: Baofeng UV-3R: UV-3R + Plus First Look Video

Torture Test Videos (dropped from a building and run over by a van):
Brick O'Lore: Baofeng UV-3R: UV-3R + Plus Torture Test

got it same price as the other model.

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