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Beware of superhawkwss6 on Ebay

The Legend

Jan 15, 2011
superhawkwss6 is a real piece of work. he buys and sells radio equiptment on ebay. this guy is a real scammer. He takes advantage of eBay's buyer protection rules and steals your item. He will bid on your item and win it and buy it. a week or so later after he receives it you get a notice from eBay or Paypal that he has initiated a significantly not as described case against you and before you can even reply to that he has escalalated to a claim. eBay and Paypal always side with him(as they do any buyer), and make you refund his money. then he sends back a box of junk, uasally a radio carcass. not the item you sent him. he has done this to numerous people. just go to eBay and check his feedback. many have complained to eBay about what he has done and even submitted pictures of the item he was supposed to have sent back to them which exactly matches identical items he has for sale, right down to the marks and scratches yet eBay will do nothing about him. he always says that the seller has baited and switched him but how can one person be baited and switched so many times. He has 100% positive feedback but the reason for this is you cant give a buyer negative feedback on ebay. just go into his feedback and search the feedback he has left for others and you will find the people he has screwed. he goes by superhawkwss6 on eBay. his name is Chris Pasquinelli and lives in Ft Washington Maryland. he operates a radio shop called turbo electronics


I know him well, or should i say, I contacted those that he ripped off. It has happened most every month and even twice a month for over a year. Saddest part is, he continues to get away with it. From my estimations, he has thousands of dollars in money and equipment from theft and deceit. superhawkwss6 is a true conman. Somebody will put an end to his theft. I believe someone in Ebay or Paypal is related to him. In my case, I won the claim but I noticed just today that even though I won and kept my money...PAYPAL STILL GAVE HIM HIS MONEY BACK!!!! WTF???? They ate the cost. As I said, someone is working with this conman.

Be warned, he IS selling stolen property that he says has been returned but wasn't and ripping people off left and right. He actually sent one guy back a block of wood! Most others, he sends back gutted equipment or they don't get anything at all. Before any of that happens though, he emails you and tries to make you give him some money back and threatens negative feedback on Ebay. After all is said and done you see the items five or so months later listed for sale by him back on Ebay.
Holy crap I got tired of reading all the posts on this guy!! Reminds me of a guy that was banned from here he did the same thing with his deals kinda scary to say the least.

I often wonder how a person with absolutely no spine can manage to move around?? :eek:

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