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Beware of superhawkwss6 on Ebay


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Mar 11, 2020
OK here is what happened, Sold him the cb, then he wanted some money back or a full refund after a week or so...saying there was a problem with it. Gave him full refund plus the cost of shipping back to me, and a little extra for his trouble..... Waited for it to be sent to me. Did not come... Next thing I get an email with a phone number to call his business. He then says(AFTER the refund is given )That he now wants to keep it again... and he took it apart and "supposedly" fix what was wrong. Now he had to figure out how much more we would have to give him for the repair if we wanted it sent back. That did not sit well with us.... We did finally get things straight and we did get all our original money back.
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Feb 21, 2016
The Lonestar State
Sounds shady..... I've read the horror stories about his dealings for several years now. I have to say I've dealt with him before but never anything worth more than a hundred bucks asd it turned out well in my case. I won't push it though, I'll steer clear away from all that headache
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Jun 17, 2009
Southeast Ohio
Got me to.sold Him a cobra 100 am base he said he was sending it back. Said that I did not list it correctly and just give him a refund. saying I would lose if I fought him and he was never going to release paypal money.Said because of his feedback and Amount of sales I didn't stand a chance. He put the radio back into the box,The wood on the side that was perfect came back with all beat up. I sold the radio a week later for more money to a person that was very happy with the radio. I was selling based on photos.

HE IS A SCAMMER. buying low and backdoor Ebay radios and resells. I never herd anything good about him.

I had a buyer try something similar with same threats. I carefully wrote my response to eBay underlining how he was trying to extort me. He didn't take it any further and dropped his complaint.


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Feb 17, 2016
He goes by superhawkwss6 on eBay. his name is Chris Pasquinelli and lives in Ft Washington Maryland. he operates a radio shop called turbo electronics.

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