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Charger 383 Dean

In the old days he and I butted heads a bit, and often he took offense to me turning everything possible into a joke. Still I tried to not harbor a grudge against the guy for that.

RIP Dean.
WOW, i cant beleive tht happened, but he has bee nin bad health for a long time, i have been on this forum since the day dean started it up, after all the bashing that he use to receive it became to much and i told dean i would buy the forum from him, i did so, but not knowing what to do, and not haveing enough time to take care of it, i gave it to moleculo, great job moleculo, and as far as charger is concerned, he started up the best web site known to man.
Today I discovered this thread regarding Dean Arthur aka.
Charger 383 and again I am heartbroken that another one
of Gods truly gifted ones has left us.

In a better place there is no doubt about that...
I could sit here and write a book ! (ramble on) about Dean
and my experiences with him personally and with the forum.

The forum and the DX Club has been one of my lifes most
enjoyable experiences from those early days.

As we all know that time changes and I am looking forward
to those days when we can again come together as a group
in the chat room, on the 2ways and look foward to speaking
each day with someone we feel we know and can consider a

We have all disapointed someone along the way in
life, I know that I have, but if God can forgive them and
welcome them into his arms. I believe that he expects us to
do no less.

When my time comes I want to leave this world with each

If thats something I can not do then ___

Rest in Peace my Friend.

Having been away from Radio and the WWRF for awhile.. Ive missed this, thou dean had been on my mind lately..

Dean was truly a GREAT person who will be deeply missed by all that really knew him. I had the GREAT pleasure to meet him on more than one occasion when I passed thru Joplin..The stories he told, and the experiences he had, not to mention the lives he touched - Dean will be rembered for a very very very long time to come, wether your opinion of him was good or bad, I hope each and every one of you have given him a moment of silence.

Dean - you brought together alot of people when you put the WWRF together, you changed alot of lives, created alot of friendships, and definatly taught me alot about radio, friendship, and life. I certainly hope all your efforts earned you a ticket inside the pearly gates, and that your enjoying all you earned while you were here.

R.I.P. my friend :bgcry enjoy your wings - you deserve em!

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