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Cobra 148 gtl SSB Audio Flutter Malaysia Model

What’s the history of the radio as in any mods tunes or final swaps? How are you powering it? If it has a tiny power cord you might be starving it.
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Try this. Worked for me in the past on TX ssb warble. Not sure if you have tx or rx warble but you should do this anyway.

That's what I did to mine also, and the information I have on that issue also adds a capacitor. I don't remember where I found that but it was in my 148GTL notes.

"Cut trace on PC board between Pin 1 of IC6 and pin 2 of IC4 ( MB3756 ). Next, install a .1uf mylar capacitor at C136 and a jumper wire at J44. This corrects distortion on the SSB transmit audio"
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If it's transmit warble check you're getting enough voltage/amperage to the radio !
Fastest way to make a sideband radio warble and garble on transmit is to starve it for power.........
Messing with the bias of the drivers/finals can also turn sideband transmit audio to crap.
If it's receive audio that's the problem it could be a bad speaker or audio chip.
Just my 2 cents worth. As SP5IT said, an audio sample would be super helpful !

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