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Computer programming an FT-7800


Aug 5, 2012
This 7800 is my first computer programmable radio. I'm using the CHIRP software. I'm less than impressed but the price was right.
There doesn't seem to be any way to program the hyper memories thru the software. Is this just an issue with the CHIRP software and another brand would work (RT Systems or G4HFW)? Or, does the radio just not allow computer programing of hyper memories and they have to be set up using the front panel.
Does anyone have experience with other software for this radio? How do you like it?

You can program hyper channels with R T systems software. I have 2 yaesu 7800 radios with R T systems software, they are great radios, never any trouble with them. Have used them for 10 years.
Yaesu has a program that will do that programming. Not the simplest thing in the world, but it'll work. Just learn to do the programming.
- 'Doc
G4HFQ does in fact allow for programming the hyper memories. I guess I'll have to go ahead and spend the $15. OR, program everything by the front panel. Is used to do that all the time but now with 100's of memories and other settings the computer makes so much more sense.
Since my wife got her license and now my mother-in-law I want to try and keep all the "family" radios programmed the same.

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