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Contest Rules - all bands.

Discussion in 'Worldwidedx.com Amateur Radio Club' started by binrat, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. binrat

    binrat WDX Club Coordinator
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    Nov 5, 2008
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    Have a look below. As per normal, any questions post up.

    -Only contacts with other FORUM members count in the contest. The W9WDX roster maybe found as a sticky thread located here http://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/club-member-roster.132229/

    -Frequency: HF 80 / 40 / 20 / 10. From top of the hour to the bottom for 80, 20. From bottom to top for 40, 10. For frequencies, forum frequencies 10 meters: 28.455 ( + ), 20 meters: 14.322 ( + ). 40 meters 7.185 +/- 5khz, and 75 meters 3.910 MHz.

    -Date/Time: 0001 21 Oct – 2359 22 Oct 2017 UTC. If you're not sure how UTC time works, check here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?p1=3875

    -Contacts: Contact logs may be in any format but it must be deciphered by common programs and must be posted in theW9WDX Contest Logs located here http://www.worldwidedx.com/forums/w9wdx-contest-logs.193/

    Create only one thread for your contacts. You can edit or reply to your own thread, using it as your log throughout the contest (if you wish). The format is attached as an Excel file. It may be an excel attachment OR pasted into your thread.

    At the end of the contest (+3 hours), the contacts forum will be locked, so make sure you upload all of your contacts before the end date/time.

    Contacts will be verified against each others' logs, non confirmed contacts will not be counted.

    2x multiplier for mobile, portable, or maritime contacts.
    3x multiplier for any contacts outside of CONUS and Canada.
    4x multiplier for QRP. For this contest QRP is 10 watts or less.
    4x multiplier for SOTA, LOTA.

    -If you operate as mobile, maritime, or portable during the contest, you will be credited with the multiplier for any contacts you make. If you operate as a base, you receive a multiplier for any contact you make with a mobile, portable, or maritime contact. Make sure you clearly designate these in your log. For THIS contest multiple multipliers can be added together for 1 contact. Eg- if Capt KW makes a contact with a QRP LOTA station then he gets a 4x + 4x = 8x.

    -Power limit: Maximum power 200 watts PEP

    -This is an "on your honor" contest and intended to be fun. Please play by the rules


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