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Eagle Tomahawk Export 10 Meter Radio


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Feb 22, 2019
I keep seeing this radio pop up for sale every now and then around here and makes me curious for information on this radio as far as quality of build and if it is friendly to mods. The info I get from internet search says it will do from 25.165 - 29.695 MHz in AM FM SSB

Is this the Tomahawk that's the same as the Cherokee and Northpoint CBS-1000?
That's all I come up with searching.
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Yep, with minor variations they're the same radio with different name badges, each belonging to a different importer.

Thanks. I have one of the Northpoint badge radios. Doesn't get much use. I do need to replace the lights for the meters which I have replacements for. Just been lazy about getting to it.
I don't think of it as a 10 meter radio as it is more of a CB radio that is very easy to enable a ton of extra channels.
Its no Icom or Kenwood, but considering you can probably get it for less than 100 bucks, it is OK.
It’s a lot like a Magnum, 257, same kind of frequency coverage two of the three have the same display. I just don’t think the output is anywhere near what the Magnum Radio’s but it’s cool looking and it’s a base station. If you have one or buy one, check the power supply, there’s something in there that gets real hot and I remember putting a heat sink on the one that I had. They don’t drift they stay on frequency not like those Galaxy Radio’s.

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