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Home Elecraft K4D Noise Reduction compared to BHI NR module


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Apr 14, 2002
I've owned the Elecraft K4D for a while now. It's a wonderful rig. However, I am deeply disappointed in the NR capabilities on SSB and several have brought this up on the various Elecraft forums. Wayne N6KR, one of the Principals of Elecraft has commented that they intend to improve it by adding spectral subtraction algorithms, but for now it's basically a copy/paste of the code from the older K3 rig. I got tired of waiting around and decided to improve the situation by trying out the BHI Dual In-Line Noise Eliminating Module.

Because the Elecraft K4D has stereo speaker / headphone output (which is used in a variety of ways), it was important to me to buy this specific BHI box, which supports both external stereo speakers and stereo headphones. They can be used independently or together and even have separate volume controls. I shot a brief video doing a quick demonstration of both unit's NR capabilities, as well as using them both together. Note that I could have made additional adjustments on the BHI module, but I felt the demonstration was good enough as is. To keep the comparison on a level playing field, I made no additional adjustments on the K4 other than adjusting the volume as needed.

What do you think?


I use the BHI & ClearSpeech DSP modules or DSP Speakers with every radio I own that does SSB or AM & that includes my ICOM 7610,ICOM 9100,ICOM 7000,& ICOM 703+. I HATE noise so I do what I can to remove any & all of it that I possibly can. I have never heard ANY radio that can compare to the external DSP units. I understand that they are two different types of DSP but the radio manufactures should take notes & add both types to their radios. NOISE SUCKS & it makes Listening stressful on your ears. You can't work what you can't hear.

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