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elecraft k4

  1. Elecraft K4D external display win4k4suite

    Elecraft K4D external display win4k4suite

  2. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D First Impressions

    I've had the Elecraft K4D for a week so it's time to report on first impressions. First, the display and user interface is stunning. The interaction with the rig is a very thoughtful blend of touch screen and traditional buttons and knobs. The HDMI interface allows you to run an external...
  3. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D In the Shack

    After a year wait, I received the Elecraft K4D and installed it in the shack. I have a lot of work to do to get everything configured, but I got the initial install done and made my first contact on 40 meters last night. Check it out: