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elecraft k4

  1. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D Noise Reduction compared to BHI NR module

    I've owned the Elecraft K4D for a while now. It's a wonderful rig. However, I am deeply disappointed in the NR capabilities on SSB and several have brought this up on the various Elecraft forums. Wayne N6KR, one of the Principals of Elecraft has commented that they intend to improve it by...
  2. Elecraft K4D external display win4k4suite

    Elecraft K4D external display win4k4suite

  3. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D First Impressions

    I've had the Elecraft K4D for a week so it's time to report on first impressions. First, the display and user interface is stunning. The interaction with the rig is a very thoughtful blend of touch screen and traditional buttons and knobs. The HDMI interface allows you to run an external...
  4. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D In the Shack

    After a year wait, I received the Elecraft K4D and installed it in the shack. I have a lot of work to do to get everything configured, but I got the initial install done and made my first contact on 40 meters last night. Check it out: