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Elecraft KX-2 Binrat's review and thoughts


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Nov 5, 2008
The Great White north
After owning a KX-3 and foolishly selling it this past March I jumped on the KX-2.
So I own Serial #432 radio with MH3 mic and KXAT2 antenna tuner. After reading the info sheets that Mole posted up I expected it to be smaller and lighter but man is it ever light and has a small foot print.

Controls(knobs and switches) - are laid out nicely and the only negative thing I have to say is that unlike the KX-3, the VFO does not have a finger depression to aid in rotating it. It took me a minute to find an easy way to spin the VFO ( finger position and pressure) but it turns very nice and not overly sensitive.The layout of the radio controls are great. Even someone with fat fingers will not have issues operating it.

Menu functions - Being the typical ham I never opened up the manual until after playing around awhile with it but when it came to the menu I did at that point. It took maybe 4-5 minutes to set up everything the way they recommend for general operation and tweaking some for my voice and manner which I use the mic.

Output - I have tried it with 2 batteries and a PS, seeing anywhere from 8-10 watts depending on the source voltage. The battery that I intend to use is a drone 3S type of battery that shows 12.1 volts on the radio display at full charge resulting in just over 8 watts.

Antenna Tuner - I have tried the radio on my backpacking antenna (Alpha Antenna Military Ez) and a borrowed Buddi-stik. The tuner was fast tuning and tuned both (in most cases) to a near perfect match. I purposely induced a non perfect match with the Buddi-stik and the tuner performed well above what I expected.

Performance - Unknown at this time as, at my QTH I have a constant S9 noise level (man made) as I live very close to a Walmart and a number of other stores. I will report back here once I get it into the country where there is a lower noise level.

General overall impression - It is a well made small and light radio. The fit and finish is superb as I expected.

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