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Expander kit and The Teaberry model T

butter bean

Jan 12, 2009
lula ga
got a teaberry model t 40 chl tube. it has a mini switch on the back only up or down. up is normal 1/40 and down is not sure. i have traced down 4 frequencies with the help of a friend on the air. chl 12=27.425 13=27-435 14= 27-445 15= 27-455. does anybody have a chart that came with the "M" expando kit?
somebody wrote o the back 11-19 and on the other side of the switch wrote 42-50 no idea what there trying to say.
i havnt been in this radio so not sure if it is a single crystal or 2

The "M" kit was discontinued decades ago. If a copy of the instructions survives, I have no idea where you'd find it. Forever lost to the sands of time would be my guess.

Pretty sure this kit simply changed the hookup between the channel selector and the MSM5907 (I think) PLL chip that sets the channel frequency.

This will produce odd, out-of-sequence channels when it's activated. It was typical to print a "map" of all the added channels, along with the (new) switch position and channel indicator. The typical radio owner would use one or two of the dozens of channels you had added to his radio. Wouldn't take long before he memorized how to select his favorite "extra" channel and the list would be lost.

If you can borrow a frequency counter that connects in line with the coax, you can produce your own map of the kit's extra channels that way.


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