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Forensic Files CB Radio Pipe Bomb

I wonder if either 1 of them was on this forum or CB tricks? I must have missed it what year did they say this happened in
Was what I was wondering. The address to that kid was: The CB Shack. Sounded like an online shop to me. Looks like the kid was trying to give the impression he owned a CB shop, or something.
Went to the utube site and copied these comments that were posted. Evidently the kid and his Mom were involved in more than just a CB rip off scheme. I didn't look to verify the story, but evidently something that maybe should have been mentioned in the story if these comments were true.



8 months ago

If you go solely by this video then this 17 year old kid died because of one $400 scam. This is a very sympathetic video that doesn't tell the whole story: There's an article about Chris and his mother and they have a horrible reputation as thieves, scammers, shoplifters, you name it. He was also on the local CB stations being malicious and tormenting people. He was only a few months away from "adulthood" and I guarantee he'd have been facing serious jail time for the things he and his mom were doing. She did do jail time. A lot of the town hated them and, after he was killed, they discovered all kinds of stolen stuff in his room from break ins in their town and surrounding areas. So take this as you will but some kids are beyond redemption and his actions led directly to his death.



6 months ago

This episode is presented very one-sided for Marquis. The guy and his mom we’re both criminals who had scams going on left and right, not to mention shoplifting and break ins. In addition to sending lower quality radios, Marquis would often send broken radios or just nothing at all. Obviously Dean should not have done what he did. Obviously he deserved to be convicted. Not sure I would have given him a life in prison without parole. He should’ve been released or at least eligible for parole after 10 or 15 years.
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This follow up(?) on the Forensic Files site says that dean was also involved in some theft, towards the bottom of the article that references a Wired Magazine article. A tangled web we weave.

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It is a shame someone lost their life over swindling someone over a radio.

Crime seldom pays off long term. It almost always draws like a magnet negative things into your life!

When revenge is the order of the day fairness is seldom what comes your way! Now that he is dead I bet if he could be asked his thoughts on the issue he would rather have his life and not the chump change he made from cheating this guy!

Having been on the receiving end of being scammed or stolen from a few times in my life I have never wanted to blow anyone up. They thought of something that extreme has never entered my mind. Not sure I could ever wrap my head around the thought process that leads to that as a responsible thing to do??? That is like deciding to nuke Detroit because you got a bad deep dish pizza one time!

That said look at all the crazy stuff going on daily in the USA and Europe!
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