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Galaxy DX-86v or Galaxy 979F for base?


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Jun 29, 2016
Trenton Nj

I'm trying to figure out the difference really between this and the 979F. When you do the "conversion" you get C/D/E which equates to LOW/CB/HIGH and basically 10m is gone.

I know the 86v is dual final vs single in 979F

This would be used as a base in a normal room that is 65-70'F. Short burst contacts and no long QSO's.

I know the 86v after conversion isn't per se normal (like some exports) as you don't have the A channels.

The boards do have different EPT numbers on them but look pretty close except for the add-on board on the 86v.

The 979F has talkback and that's about all I can see.

Did Galaxy just take a 99v2 board and cram it or is it another 55f/66v2 with 10m actually on that little add-on board??

The 979F board ends in 92915Z


The 86v board ends in 99910A


I know a few on here have this so can anyone chime in??

Already have a lead on a good and properly tuned 86v with only mod being fully open clarifier for fine/coarse and 10k switch on back.
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I don't think it matters really, both say Galaxy so both will drift some. I guess I would take the 86v since once tuned/converted it has 3 bands of channels. It appears they are the same radio but one is a cb set the other an export radio.
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Finally had a smidge of DX this afternoon and got 1414 Illinois. Said I was on freq and sounding good.

I did some testing as well.

Low AM dk was 1w, high was 12w
Low SSB was 20w pep, high was 40w with 2400hz tone from my iPhone speaker to the mic. While not scientific at least I have a set of numbers and figured I'd share.

Also note for LSB this was considered on freq by a guy with an Icom. Note how coarse is to the left a hair and the fine it to the right of TDC. Kinda annoying.


This was at .386. Not even one notch over to the right. (n)

And this was where .384 was on the fine. Way over yonder to the left on the fine knob o_O.


If I center both knobs TDC I get .386. And keep in mind this rig has been on all day in a pretty steady 68'F room.
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Welcome to the world of mis-aligned, drifty Galaxy radios. Sorry. :(

That radio will need a proper TX/RX alignment to reach its full potential.


I'm working on getting it squared away and aligned. Didn't seem to drift at all once set. I had a fairly lengthy qso with a semi local about 15 miles away and he said I was sounding good thru the whole 15 min or so of talking.

I figured I'd post to let others down the line know that simply lifting a leg on 2 things and putting a jumper wire on to get an open fine clarifier while it may work, would be better to have said alignment. I'm guessing the tech (for prior owner) literally just did the steps but not a full alignment.
If God had wanted you to have big booming AM audio AND stable SSB, there’d be no such thing as Starlyte knobs, decorated face plates, and chrome slip cases.

Lets get priorities straight, son. After a few years of Art Bell on Coast-to-Coast, ever hand out on the road knows that s’er-b is full of inter-dimensional beings masquerading as humans.

Ain’t nobody s’posed to sound like that!

Galaxy is trying to witness, son.
A giant fat clue. Take heed.

I have several Galaxy radios. You need the tinted glasses to monitor the spectral shift in the knob lighting. Shut down, unplug, hide under bed sheets.

You ever see a trucker pulled over on the shoulder middle of nowhar at 0300, you know he couldn’t resist temptation to flip that switch.
Without his armor.

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