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Galaxy DX-86v or Galaxy 979F for base?

Got it back today. Dead on holding. I like having the extra counter to be sure. Set to 1/9 AM dk and AM swings up at the 4:1, and SSB is set at 35w PEP also when on high.

Now we just need skip conditions.

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“Skip” is it’s favorite condition. And it’s a Galaxy . . truckers pause before replying on AM-19.

My 979 is going to get sent out for repair & align, etc, then go to a new home with a driver I respect (far more bills than me).

I like them both.

Something else “might” be better, but the 959 and these two are damned hard to beat for pleasurable day in & out mobile use.

Am sitting in west OKC tonight listening to Rattlesnake & Friends more than a dozen miles distant.

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Can you get Red carded for abusing a Galaxy?
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Have to say I think I am kinda lucky as long I let my Texas Ranger 696 FD1, "959 clone," warm up for 30 min it seems to hold pretty steady on SSB. I have been using it as my main base. That's what I was told when I bought it, been doing that ever since. I did run it as a mobile for a few years in a Ford Explorer. It has been my favorite CB for mobile use. I do recall sitting on the side of the road many times listening to skip.
The 86v is a great radio. All performance with no extra bs. Built like a tank too.

Did anyone figure out where to solder the wires internally to hook up the FC347 counter?
The 86V already has Roger Beep
Look right behind channel selector You will see a plug receptacle with nothing plugged into it and Capital R- Period - Capital- B Period (R.B.) connect a switch to these pins ..Key up the mic and BEEP!!
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