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Gizmotchy 2 Meter 4 Element Beam Review

this is an old threat, but I just got a gizmo 4 element I set it for 11 meters. compare it to my 4 element yagi almost if not equal. the big advantage is the dual polarization. I love this feature cause it work so well. not able to get it any higher than 10 feet on my roof my swr was a stable 1.9. with 50 watts output. I could work just about everything I could hear. I like it. it does work well. the big issue is that you have to get it high at least higher that ten feet off the ground. the other plus is that not a big expensive rotor is needed. a simple radio shack rotor turns mines with no problem,

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    Seems to be dead on the radio lately. I don't know if the conditions are horrible, or more likely my weak antennas. I may head up in the mountains on Wednesday and see if reception / transmission is improved.