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Heil Sound Excellent customer service


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Apr 14, 2002
Just wanted to give an unsolicited shout-out to Heil Sound for some very nice customer service. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new band for my SM-1 shock mount (they wear out every few years) from an online retailer. The easiest way to replace the band is to take out a few of the outside tiny screws that hold the band clips in place. In the process, I dropped one under my desk never to be found again.

So I emailed Heil asking what size they were so I could either find some or even if I could buy a few. A nice lady emailed me back asking for my address and she mailed a couple to me free of charge. I know the cost of the screws and postage was under a dollar, but the fact that someone took the time to go out of their way and make this very small gesture really impressed me.

Thanks Heil!

As a very small gesture of gratitude, here are some links to the really cool shock mount and Mic setup that I use on my station:

Mount: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Heil-Sound-SM1-Shockmount-Microphone-Suspension-System-NEW-FREE-2DAY-DELIVERY/322205886580?epid=1300398048&_trkparms=ispr=1&hash=item4b04f7a874:g:u5UAAOSwtnpXl4Tt&enc=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&checksum=3222058865807d86dfde0ee5450d92629a60beae1115

Boom (mounted on the back of desk): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Heil-Sound...363697&hash=item547297664a:g:Y2gAAOSw4u9dKa6O

Heil GMElite Mic (mine is the older version, but this is a killer mic): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Heil-Sound...128323?hash=item1a07ed17c3:g:Yf4AAOSwWnFV-YYK

Heil HQ is about 40 minutes from my qth. I have talked to Bob several times in person and once on 75.. very nice man. He even showed up at our field day last year and hung out for a couple hours.. I didn't know whether to call CQ or listen to Bob's stories.. I was torn lol. It's not suprising his business would have top notch customer service.
Pretty sure that lady would be Donna.I took one of my (2) HEIL SM1 shock mounts with me to Orlando Hamcation & Donna replaced the band for FREE for me.I could not figure it out in my old head but Donna took care of it in just a couple of minutes.I currently own (6) HEIL microphones,Two SM1 shock mounts,a foot switch & (2) thumb switches & I like them all very much.The RED HEIL FIN is my favorite microphone & it sounds AWESOME on my ICOM 7600 I have been told from all over the world.I use the HEIL PR-20 when I am Performing onstage where I sing Classic Country Music.Bob Heil is also a friend of mine & if you look at his latest Antenna Book you will see what was my TARHEEL II HF/6 meter mobile antenna on page 55 on the passenger side beds take of my 2007 Dodge Quad Cab (YES it has a HEMI in it). LOL HEIL is a great company with great people. {:>)

Back in 2017 I purchased a PR-10-pkg. That included the lighted black base, mini boom and PR-10 mic. I sold the mic because I wanted the stand and mini boom for my PR-781. Three days ago I went to adjust the boom and it broke. Called Heil and spoke with Steve. Two days later I had the new part. Best part of all…No Charge. Outstanding customer service.


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