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Hi, from subs757, 26 CDX 757 England, its been a long time..


Jun 12, 2005
Liverpool, England
Hi all, there will be a lot of you guys that wont know me, maybe even dont remember me ? Subs 757 in the UK, aka CDX757 amateur call G7CHY. I was a forum member way before the site changed hands and then later i re-registered, i hope my cdx call is still in there.

I hope Moleculo, Hammer and a few others recall me in the chat rooms lol. Its been a long time since i been here properly, ive been looking through the site and it really does rekindal the interest. I drifted away from the HF and freeband side yet again in favour of 2m FM/SSB. Because of the antenna size and sticking radio kit in and out of the vehicle all the time i ended back up on 2m fm mobile with my FT7800. Also the wife got me a pc game JO Typhoon Rising with internet play ! So now I Admin a popular server "! UKO" on the european side of the game ! And yes it takes ya time away !

Anyhow, after swapping vehicles, its time for me to try and get the high current cables through the bulkhead to power my FT757 and 2970 ! Hopefully after i get back from holiday i will be DXing again like the last few years, jeeeeez i miss 11mtrs !

Again, hello to everyone, anyone in England let me know where you guys are, i know we had a few a while ago, i could of sworn bobcat85 was in UK ???????

Hi bob85, i read a post, sounded like you got a Interceptor 10k setup over here ??? Im still in Liverpool working in Halifax office crossing the Yorkshire Moores most days lol If i remember correctly are u over Yorkshire way ??

Oilpatch m8, log in on the Europe/Africa servers, server search for !-uko, you only need the ! and you will see the game server, im on holiday for the moment back in say 9 days so pop in and say hello, we have another couple of admins on there. It is a 24/7 server.

I must admit the WWRF is looking good, i do call in every so often, still loads of tech info available.
Sandman and Easterbunny, there a couple of names i remember.

Easterbunny i think we may have emailed also maybe even before the site was handed over a while back. Hows it goin for both of you ?

My intention is to get back up and running after a quiet spell, i used to run 2m SSB at home, 2m/70cm mobile. I had to drop 11m ssb at home on my 3 ele beam due to interference, (there fault not mine, cheap portable phone and nasty tv coax !), didnt want to upset anyone. I have a Imax also vertical in the garden but i need to mount that higher, i may lower my VHF antenna and stick the Imax up high, i have some decent RF filters i got off ebay so am going to try that. FT757 at home and my RCI 2970 & 575m6 mic mobile with sirio megawatt 4000. Have a Monkey made antenna also but dont reckon it will tune on the new car. Need to get back off holiday and get sorted before the weather gets cold lol.
Hey Dennis (Subs),
Yea, I remember you because you are in my logbook on 3/4/03, 9 AM my time. You were in the Mobil!
Probably the most memorible radio contact I have ever had.
Alot ahs changed here, but its all good. Glad you are back and I look forward to makin it across the "pond" again.

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