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How about a "DX-DAY" for forum members


Jun 17, 2008
Now that I FINALLY got off my ass and put a station on the air, I want to hookup with as many forum members as possible. I was hoping our admins could arrange a DX-DAY for our members. Pick a generally unused freq, day and time, and go for it. Maybe set up an alternative freq to QSY to if the 1st freq gets busy with hangers-on. Just a thought.

- 399 "JJ"

I will be listening to.385 LSB through out the weekend. If anyone wants to try a different channel I am all for it. If we meet up and there is a pile up I would suggest QSY to .405 USB. But we can just call it the QSY channel so the whole pile up doesn't follow.
Good idea on going to USB, not many on 27mhz run there. I can try to get on the radio occasionally throughout the weekend. Post some times and I'll make a point to be out with it turned all the way up. WDX134

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    C'mon let me take you on a Sea Cruise! (Maybe there is someone to talk to out there?)
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    Just for the Halibut.
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    Seems to be dead on the radio lately. I don't know if the conditions are horrible, or more likely my weak antennas. I may head up in the mountains on Wednesday and see if reception / transmission is improved.
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