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How do I buy a Randy III in the USA?

El Kabong

Say what?
Apr 11, 2018
Lost Angeles, CA.
All Euro sellers I found want well over $200 for one BEFORE shipping. Add $50 for that.
That adds up to nope nope nope too expensive.

Anyone know of a North American source under $200?

Keep searching ebay.co.uk, ebay.de, ebay.fr and ebay.nl, it's possible to find a deal on a used radio and I scored an Alan 42+ years ago for around $50 from Germany and a couple other Euro rigs over the years.
This is a fairly recently released radio though. Its £189 from my favourite radio shop.
I really want a Randy III but with CTCSS/DCS, repeater offset and of course expanded coverage beyond the 40 channels. They figured it all out on the EU version but nothing so far with the FCC. $150 is still too much for me to either be the first one to hack it or one of many to fubar it.

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