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HTX-10 freq expansion with resistor?

As was stated very early in this one year old post and probably on thoussands of other sites on the internet. The HTX-10 was designed specifically so it can not be modified to transmit oin CB frequencies.
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Moding the HTX-10 with a crystal change


I put a htx-10 on the 11 meter band by changing the reference crystal like the mod
for the HR2600. The frequency display doesn't change but you just deduct 2 mhz.
I don't have the crystal frequency. I used my signal generator to supply the frequency
and it's been a long time since I did it. As I recall it was around 4.77 mhz.

Have fun
Yes, it might be possible to change the mixer crystal in the radio to get it to go up or down.
As already said, the frequency display will not follow the new band and if you want all of 10 and the CB/freeband frequencies you would need to switch crystals in and out.
You will be limited to whatever "range" of frequencies the new crystal gives you.
There is more than one way to skin a cat so to speak, but it is not like the HR series of radios were you can cut a trace and add a jumper and get all of 26/29.999 with full frequency readout.
There were some CB radios that did not allow expansion by playing with the pins on the PLL chip, but you could still change a loop mixing crystal to get where you wanted to go.
And there are other considerations, you will have to do the crystal work properly so you do not introduce stray capacitance from wires and switching that will affect frequency stability.
I do not doubt that Monk was able to get the radio to RX/TX somewhere other than 10 meters, it is just how much work is it, and how practical is in in application.
IMHO this radio is not worth the trouble when there are so many more radios out there now that are much more easily done.
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No I am not thinking of the HTX-100, I had one, and I do know the difference between the two.
It is possible, If you understand how a radio works, you would know that there is almost some way to get it to work somewhere else....you may have to work like hell to get it to do it, but they are still just radios.
I have seen guys make Cb radios work on 7 MHz before, was it easy, not really, but he did it.
I Know of no mod that you just cut one trace and add a resistor to a HTX 10 that has worked to date.
The HTX-100`s only had USB and CW, you could get them on 27MHz but not worth the trouble.
However, the RX on the HTX-100 is better than any of the HR/Lincoln/2830 radios.
I have used both on 10 meters.

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The HTX-10 would indeed operate on 11m if you changed out a crystal. The CPU was locked and would not allow operation outside the 10m band with any attempt to reprogram it however by changing the crystal that the CPU had to work with it would indeed work on 11m. It was not a great way to mod it but it would work.
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I have read that the only way to mod an HTX-10 is to change the cpu because Radio Shack had it purposely manufactured to not be able to mod it. There is no "channelized " programming in the chip like there is in the 257 and like clones.
The cpu is the same as the Titan ll rpsy 485. No need to change it because that chip will cover those frequencies. It’s just blocked by a diode etc on the face board somewhere, just need to find where.
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