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I left the outter shell off the PL-259

Jay Mojave

Sr. Member
Nov 17, 2015
Hello All: I soldered the last end PL-259 connector without slipping on the outer shell being on the coax. Oh wonderfull!!!!

This really made me mad as I built up a few really needed PL-259 and N type connector type, coax jumpers.

So I left the Advanced State of the Art, International Headquarters, the garage, for some TV watching, and get away from my screw up.

Returning I had a game plan to NOT desolder the connector without the outer screw shell, or cut it off. I took the outer shell, and cut it in half length wise and opened it up to allow the coax to go inside of it and then screwed it onto a S0-239 receptacle solder the shell back together. Success!

Ok I am much better now. Feel free to share your "I saved it" stories.

Jay in the Great Mojave Desert

Highway Man

Well-Known Member
May 18, 2019
ok I'll add this to the list of brain farts. happened in the 90s. was changing boxes in the s10 before the long ride to work. about 40 miles in it dawned upon me I left the palomar 600 on the truck bumper. pulled over along side the highway and it was my lucky day. It was still there!


Sr. Member
Oct 2, 2010
I have done that & just as bad I put the collar on but had it on backwards.Just made me want to stick the Hot soldering gun in my eye just for good measure & then I could say it happened first so I would have an excuse. LOL I have put a microphone connector on as well & forgot the lower part.It is worse to me because those microphone wires are so small. (n):whistle:


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