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I think I cooked my antenna

I have seen others run power through theirs for many years, and then one day it just took a shizz. Same exact thing that the poster described!! And best readings I could get was way off on the R and X values. R=70, X=17, and VSWR was 1.7:1. N that was the lower tune I could get after it stopped working.
I would buy a Sirio aluminum antenna all day before an A99 or even an IMAX 2K, but we do what we have to get on air. I started out with the A99, then got the Sirio tornado which worked better, but the Sirio vector 4000 i am using now, just hands down beats every other antenna I have had and quite a few around here that run the 2016, the IMAX 2K, and also the A99. Anyways. JMO's. I would use an A99 for a static mobile setup, or if I went camping, or even a good old 1/2 wave dipole. Again, JMHO's. Have a good one.
I'm not a fiberglass guy. I like aluminum antennas personally. That or a home built dipole.
But I run a Sirio Vector 4000 that is up 27ft the base of the antenna. Tip is right about 54-55ft. With 100 watts or less, depending on the conditions and how many people are on he band, I normally have no issue at all speaking with anyone I hear.
Also locally I do pretty good. Can get out to about 70 miles locally with less then 100 watts. This is all done or 99.9% of the time done on SSB.
My antenna has its faults. Most are fixable if not all of the issues.
For what it's worth the Sirio 827 isn't a bad antenna, the 2016 is no slouch either. It's not as tall as either the 827 nor the Vector 4000. But to get an antenna that will withstand heavy winds, and I mean heavy, you'll end up spending over $300 dollars just on the antenna. And then you need a proper tower to hold it up. They weigh a lot compared to my antenna. Even the Sirio 827 and 2016 are heavy antennas. Anyways. The IMAX 2000 isn't a bad antenna, like I said, I just prefer aluminum. And plus, my antenna was a gift, although I would buy another again any day of the week!! Anyhow, get that IMAX2000 up as high as possible and it will work just fine. No need for a bunch of power though. 100 watts should be plenty of power. JMO. And I have amps sitting around, beleive me. Nothing big, but enough to get out. But I am just a MUD DUCK!!
Both TNT and Magnaforce have Toshiba 2879's. And have never been overdriven!!! Don't use them, but find it hard to sell any of them!! Anyways. Hope you get your antenna system resolved and back on air ASAP!! Be safe!!
73 and God Bless
222 Daytona Bch., FL
I envy all who take for granted that their antennas are up high or at least the proper height called for. My imax 2000 is 7' off the ground.
It will soon be about 24' from the antennas so 239 to the ground.
Besides the obvious problems like high swr I'm tired of having to run amplifiers and always in the high position (by choice).
I can't wait to run my ft 950 (which is currently sitting boxed up) with it's 100 watts. I've little doubt I'll hear better and probably get out just as well with 100 watts with my antenna at 24' than I do with 450-800 watts at 7'. I will be purchasing the 600 watt Ameritron for those poor or crowded condition days but hope i rarely need it.
I'm tired of having to rely on high output and old tube gear. I actually like the old d&a's and Palomar's but it's time to move on. It's more nastagia than anything thing else which makes me use the old amps and transceivers.
I think the most important thing I've learned since joining this site is one's antenna and placement of it is the single best and most important investment a radio hobbyist can make. Next is the coax one's gonna use then rig, mic and the way one sets up all those audio adjustments on their rig or outbound eq's and the like (essb seems to be the wave of the future).
I'd take a small beam at 40' and a hf with 100 watts over an imax at 24' and a kW amp any day but in my case a beams out of the question.
I'm looking forward to getting around to putting my antenna up in the air where it belongs. Hope to hear y'all out there and hope y'all hear me. 73
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Your antenna probably has an SO-239 connector, to which you attach your feedline with a PL-259.

"SO" = "SOcket" = Female
"PL" = "PLug" = Male

Why the numbers aren't the same (239 and 259), I doubt if anyone knows the definitive answer. I don't think there's ever been a "PL-239" or an "SO-259".
Your antenna probably has an SO-239 connector, to which you attach your feedline with a PL-259.

"SO" = "SOcket" = Female
"PL" = "PLug" = Male

Why the numbers aren't the same (239 and 259), I doubt if anyone knows the definitive answer. I don't think there's ever been a "PL-239" or an "SO-259".
Just a type o. SO 239 of course.
Sirio makes some very reliable HD aluminum base antennas. Going on three plus years on the Sirio 2016 @ .5K all day. I'm sure it will handle a lot more. The coil seems to be really beefy.
my 2016 been up since 2009 no issues only used up too 300 watts pep on ssb .
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Well I got a new Imax 2000 today, $129 USD shipped with taxes.
I got a buddy in Lynden WA and he ordered it off Amazon and met me at the border with it.
I got it put together on my floor inside the house and its a 1.2 swr from 27.305 to 27.805.
I think it should be good to go, maybe it will be flat at those frequencies once its up.
If anyones interested.

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Yup. I'd place it up at least 8ft-10ft and retune if needed before placing it up. Tuning it on the floor like that is not a good way to get a good reading. JMHO. As CK said. It most likely will change once you have it straight up in the air versus laying on the ground. Again, JMHO. Hope it works out well for you man! And be safe putting it up!! Have a good one.
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It's a good thing you didn't move the tuning rings as well. It's most likely already tuned pretty close to where it needs to be, but it will really show the truth when you place it up vertically. Again, be safe and take your time!! Post up some after pics. And also make sure you aren't standing near it or have anyone else near it while tuning it. I'm sure you already know all this, but it never hurts to refresh your memory about things. Again, have a good one and hopefully you'll be back on air soon.
73 and God Bless.
thanks for the replies, I'm not tuning it, I just wanted to make sure its not 50:1 swr or something....I'm just trying to make sure it tests "ok".
I'll find out tomorrow whats the real verdict.
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Gotcha!! Now I get it more. I can totally understand that!! Nothing like getting a new antenna or any new piece of equipment only to have it be bad out of the box. Hope you get it all straightened out and again, be safe placing it up!! And have fun with it!! I know you been itching to get back on the air. Have a good one.

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