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Icom IC-T70A mod - First on the internet!


Ham Radio Nerd
Apr 14, 2002
This is the extended TX/RX mod for the new Icom IC-T70A:

Preliminary, disassembly steps

  • First remove the battery
  • Remove the two screws that are on the heat sink / case at the base of the radio that were underneath the removed battery.
  • Remove the volume and control dials; they simply pull off.
  • Remove the nut securing the SMA antenna connector. On my radio this nut was attached overly tight and was difficult to remove even with the proper tools.
  • The entire radio board should now be able to be removed from the radio case
TX/RX Modification

Turn the board so that the button pads are facing you with the LCD screen up. Toward the top left of the number pads, remove diodes D257 (UHF TX expansion) and D258 (VHF TX expansion). On the bottom right side of the board above the mount screw, remove D264 for RX expansion if it is present. On my radio this diode was already removed. See the picture below for details on the diodes to be removed.


After modification, the TX/RX range is:

VHF: 136.000–174.000 MHz
UHF: 400.000–479.000 MHz
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Nice site, I just joined

Thanks for the detailed post.
I just picked up one of these radios and would like to do the Mod.
Was wondering if you could advise what the proper tool is to remove that darn SMA nut!

Have you seen a service manual out anywhere yet for this unit, always nice to have

Just came across this site also... great information - thanks!
I'd also like to know how to remove that SMA screw from the IC-T70A.

In the past, I've just used a screwdriver and a small hammer to tap and get the screw turning, but for some reason, I'm not able to use my trick on this radio.

Radio audio is GREAT... Great feel in hand also! This one is a keeper for sure, but would love to know if there is a tool to get that screw off that holds the SMA antenna port on the HT.

Thanks for the FAST reply! I'm really grateful for this information! I just finished purchasing the tool, so I'll be doing my mod as soon as the tool arrives!

PS, I think I've already damaged my screw using the small flat head screwdriver attempt :( I guess I'll see.

You wouldn't happen to know who sells replacement screws do you? I'll probably just call Icom for a replacement screw - I'm sure they sell them :)

Thanks again!!!
Thanks for the info on the tool, I ordered one as well.

Will keep you guys posted on how it goes for me when I receive it.

That looks like it is the right way to do things, I don't think I buggered up the nut on the first try with vise grips and two small screwdrivers! I stopped when something hit me in the eye! Ya the nut must be tight.

Nice to get a radio on Thursday, brand new and take it apart.

I bought it just for fun, I fix quite a few old Icom 02-at for a bush pilot up North as well as 2710h units.

Gotta go and thanks again

Mike in Saskatchewan
You wouldn't happen to know who sells replacement screws do you? I'll probably just call Icom for a replacement screw - I'm sure they sell them :)

Thanks again!!!

You can purchase parts directly from Icom by emailing or calling their tech support. It's a standard part, but I'm not sure where to get it from.
This is from Icom Tech support

"Our service department uses a special wrench called a Spanner L wrench.
The part number is: 8960000171. Please understand that if you open the radio, it will
void your warranty, so I recommend that you do not do this until after the
one-year warranty period.

Yes, a service manual is available for this model. The part number for the manual
is: 97715527 and it is available directly from our parts department. You can contact
them by phone at: 800-346-0495 or by e-mail at: parts@icomamerica.com. I hope that this
will help."
Received my tool yesterday from RG in HK as recommended and did the mod,

Yes, that nut is tight and you don't want to piss around with this without a tool to remove the nut. I found it easy to crack it loose just a little by tightening and then un-tightening.

Man those diodes are getting smaller, or do I finally need glasses!

Easy to remove, but I wouldn't like to solder them in, The Right hand diode was removed already as depicted in the mod posted here.

Thanks guys and good luck on your mod, sorry for the crappy pictures.

Cool you received your tool Mike! I'm still waiting for mine. I think we ordered the tool on the same day, so maybe mine will show up here very soon. I'm in the US (Kansas), but not sure where you are located.

I can't wait to open mines! I've already jacked up the screw a bit, so I called Icom... a new screw is about $5 bucks, but they were out of them when I called. Perhaps everyone used my method... small screwdriver and a hammer :)

I also purchased a Yaesu VX-8GR... talk about a nice little radio! But I'm a Kenwood fan... can't wait for the new Kenwood HT to hit the shelves... I may just have to sell my VX-8GR for the Kenwood!

Hi Chris

I am in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Tool arrived in nice envelope, gift, toy so no unexpected charges.

Don't Hammer on your radio!

I briefly tried that nut with two small screwdrivers and a pair of vise grips, not the way to go, damaged the nut just a little on one slot, scraped a little, so didn't proceed.

When you get the tool, you might notice that the face to bore is a little out of whack, but there is just the right amount of clearance to go over the sma thread. Make sure the pokey downy things are engaged as best a possible give it just a small twist to the right to break it loose just a little then proceed to undo it. There is nothing really interesting to see inside when you do the mod, everything is sealed up real well.

Wanna go 1/2 rs on the service manual? I can scan or you.

I just picked up this radio to evaluate for a guy who runs a flying service up North. He has been running modded Icom 02At's for years. Uses them in the aircraft all the time, looks like I'm running low on words here, Mike
Well, the tool arrived today, and the radio survived the operation! The mod was very easy. Thanks for the posting! I love this radio!

Which diode is which?

Which Diode is D257 and which one is D258? (I probably want to modify my HT for just UHF expanded TX).

I called Icom and they said their Spanner Wrench, p/n 8960000171, is $38. Definitely MUCH cheaper going through Radiogearpro:


I also found out if you get additional batteries for your IC-T70A they do not come with additional belt clips. You will either need to switch the belt clip over from your existing battery or purchase an additional belt clip. Additional belt clips are p/n MB124 @ $12.00/each, plus freight. Icom seems a little proud of their accessories for this radio - they are all VERY expensive.


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