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"idiot" blocking up ch 19.


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Sep 5, 2018
Depending on what is on 38, I'll kick dow to 35-37 or I'll jump up to 42. I've heard some pretty good conversations on 42. Nice peaceful, respectful chat. I like it there.
I do the same. When 38 becomes so congested that it's a wall of voices, I usually go up to 39/40 or down to 36/37. I'll then check the even channels (27.390, 27.400, etc.) Otherwise it's go above 40, because the local SSBers can't communicate between each other in the same town, so they move to 415, 425, and occasionally higher. The noise level is a lot lower and it's cool to listen to a couple 2 or 3 talking amongst themselves.

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  • @ BJ radionut:
    100W on FT8......1500W on CW/SSB
  • @ BJ radionut:
    We have a pronounced focus on human modes:ROFLMAO::cool:
  • @ BJ radionut:
    There will be NO FT8 robots running unattended at Bouvet,:ROFLMAO:
  • @ BJ radionut:
    10M BAND.....>28400 SSB .... Always give your full callsign. Listening is the key so be sure we call you before replying. 3Y0J will always listen up (using split) so it will be useless to call us on our transmission frequency.
  • @ BJ radionut:
    I like these guys already. :cool: Sounds to me like ROBO callers in ANY Mode will be ignored!!!!(y)