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If you wanted to buy a Turkey fryer check this out instead, no oil!


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May 1, 2013
Louisville, KY
When it comes to Bar-B-Que I am a purist. No gas, charcoal, or fuel pellets.
Large chunks of meat like brisket cooked for 15 hours or more over a real wood fire. Mesquite, oak, and hickory when available. Like it is done in Texas everyday. Turkey slow roasted over wood fire is good but there are too many variables. I tasted a turkey that had been fried in peanut oil and loved every bite. I cooked a goose a few years back it was good but a bit oily, if not greasy. I'm no slouch in the kitchen, but the goose was a disappointment. My Mother-in-Law said so. I cooked it just for her since she's from Germany and goose was THE FEAST food over there. Well this Christmas another goose is going to be cooked for her using the oil less fryer I just bought. I know it is safer than using gallons of heated oil over an open flame. There will be no splatter because of liquids or areas that are still frozen. The bird will be brine treated for 24 hours before cooking.

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I don't much care for bird meat, but I am a fan of fried stuff. What can I say? I'm Southern, lol.

This thread DOES remind me, however, of the time that my neighbors chose to fry a turkey. I don't recall the occasion, but it couldn't have been Thanksgiving. I was sitting in a lawn chair, drinking beer, so the temperature outside must have been above 70; definitely not November.

I got the distinct impression that they had never fried a turkey before. I watched them set up their Turkey frying apparatus, and fill the vat, to the top, with cooking oil. Then, they lit the propane fire, underneath.

About 2 beers later, that oil must have been hot enough to suit their fancy, and I watched the two neighbors come outside; each holding one end of a broom. Suspended from the broom, was a turkey carcass. Nervously, they each raised their end of the broom over their heads, and positioned themselves so that the dead bird was centered over top the vat of hot oil. They quietly exchanged a few words (I was too far to hear what was said), then they dropped that expired fowl into the oil.

Oh, that was delightful. They had overfilled that vat, so oil flowed over the brim, ran down the sides, and hit that propane flame, creating a very impressive pillar of fire. Those flames shot up at least 40 feet; probably more.

I cheered, applauded, rose up from my seat, and raised my beer to them. They hated me, lol.

These particular neighbors were lacrosse players at the local university; womens team. They would frequently host the opposing team for a party, after a home game. Outside of a random parent, from time to time, I never saw a single male at that house. Anyway, these parties would generally involve alcohol. It was pretty much guaranteed that a party meant topless women running around the neighborhood.

Very entertaining neighbors. But, they hated me.
I have neighbors that are rude and nasty. We make sure to renew that hate every now and then. They call the cops on me, later the same week I call the cops on them.
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The wife did not want to wait for Thursday to test the fryer. I took a large chicken rinsed and cleaned then dried it with paper towels. Rubbed it down with my home made dry rub and let it sit for a couple of hours in the refrigerator. I went out side and assembled the fryer and gave it a quick test fire. Worked perfectly. The wife shows up with an 18 pack of beer and she mentioned "Beer can chicken". So that's what happened. Beer can inserted and bird placed in the basket and lowered into the dry fryer."top popped of course" Two hours later I had the crispiest chicken I have ever seen. Right before we sat down the wife's nephew shows up, nice young fellow but has a hollow leg when it come to food. I got one breast the wife got her thigh and drumstick. He ate the rest, I think he ate the bones too.
I enjoyed it, the wife enjoyed hers and the nephew wants me to cook his turkey for Thanksgiving. I told that he could do just as well if he bought his own fryer. It worked because he brought it to me to assemble for him. I guess it is better than feeding him again.

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