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Discussion in 'CB Antennas' started by ray, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. HiDef

    HiDef Active Member

    Aug 16, 2008
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    Is the dipole horizontal?

    If not how far is it separated from the vertical antenna?

    Since both are 1:1 SWR they are resistive 50 ohm loads. Parallel them with the T and you land up with 25 ohms and a 2:1 SWR. This load can be transformed to 50 ohms if you need.

    How will it work? Probably not as good as the antenna out in the clear by itself but there will be some times where it may outperform either one by itself.

    Experimenting is good.


  2. ray

    ray BANNED

    Jan 23, 2011
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    The DIPO is put up facing EAST TO WEST in the attic. All cowax is 50 ohm. Now the 2000 is about 30 feet out on the back second floor.Where i live is in a little town called TAMAQUA P.A. It is a little coal town.Iam trying to paint a picture for you guys. It is about 25 miles from interstate 81 running NORTH AND SOUTH. If i keep the set up the way i have it know i get a good 60 miles on 81 both NORTH AND SOUTH.Now that is BEAR FOOT.OK .Now if i move the DIPO NORTH AND SOUTH I GET A GOOD 50 TO 60 MILES THAT WAY.The reason i know that is i know some people down that way and we talked. Now tonight a friend is coming with a ANT. MATCHER. I AM going to put a 100 WATT AMP. And see what it does. REMBER I HAVE LARGE HILLS AROUND ME..PLEASE DONT MIND MY SPELLING.WILL TRY TO GET PICTURES FOR YOU GUYS.. 73s coathanger N.E P.A.:unsure::confused:

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