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Is this an original PDL II?


Dec 19, 2020
Agreed! If climbing give it a very good inspection and shake. Look for leg splits near the base...check the welds as you slowly ascend. Keep the wiggling to a minimum :)

I will. It's Rohn 20g. Only two sections that I need to deal with. Base has some rust at ground level, but seems okay. I have two plans on how to get it down. I'm only worried about the antenna, and me not getting injured.

I will post pics after it's down.
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Nov 2, 2013
wasnt aware of a pdl 1 ..done the greg howe upgrades on mine..superb antenna for its footprint ..currently on a pdl4 build [any feedback on pdl 4 owners please] ..


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  • @ ButtFuzz:
    GR&T Super MC-11/A Crystal Synthesized and is in SAMS #22 I have no further information on this radio.
  • @ Robert Dinsmore:
    I have schematics and Manuals I need someone to work on it
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    I have a MC-7 as well W D-104!
  • @ Robert Dinsmore:
    does anybody have any Ideas for working on a General MC-11A