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JC Penney Base AM/SSB 6241


Jul 2, 2009
I have just been given this radio and am wondering what mods are available for it.
1)Extra Channels:blink:
2)Clarifier unlock:blink:
3)Tx/Rx adjustments:blink:

the clarifier will already move 3+ kc's and the tx and rx is as good as it gets already.

JC Penny 981-6241: {L702, L704, Q405-AMC}

Don't know about the extra channels but they are a really nice radio as is, wish I still had mine but I had too many anchors laying around.

Oh by the way it's also a mobile if you have the power cord.
Just about any JC Penney CB radio is built off of the cybernet PLL02a Chassis and is capable of many extra channels.

Those channels won't fall into bands that match the export radios, but you will get a lot of good channels.

Do some looking around for PLL02A mods.

Personally I usually install two toggle switches and perform the following jumps:

1. Cut the trace going to pin 9 of the PLL and install a 3.3k resistor across the cut

2. Cut the trace going to pin 10 of the PLL and install a 3.3k resistor across the cut

3. Solder a wire to pin 10 of the PLL before the resistor

4. Solder the other end of this wire to one of your toggle switches

5. Solder a wire from PC board ground to the other side of the same toggle switch

6. Solder a wire to pin 9 of the PLL before the resistor

7. Solder this wire to the other toggle switch

8. Solder a wire to the other side of the resistor from the cut on pin 10.

9. Solder the other end of this wire to the other side of the same toggle switch.

Now with those two switches in place, you will be able to turn 1 on and get from 27.435 to 27.705

the other switch will get you 26.435 to around 26.705

Both switches on will get you another band of low channels running from around 26.6xx all the way up into the normal 40 cb channels... You'll even pick up channels 3A and 7A with both switches on.

Of course you'll have to tweak the VCO and broadband the radio to be able to use all of those channels, but that is easy to do on that chassis of radio.

the old Cybernet units are nice radios and have really good receivers.. I probably have a half dozen or so including an uncommon Midland base station in kitchen appliance white. I use the same mod on all of them.

If you're interested, I can pull the one out of my pickup and see what I ended up doing to put in a 10kc switch.. I wanted to be able to jump to 26.775 where some of the locals hang out.

If you decide you want to mod your radio let me know and I will help you all I can.
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Hello, would you know how to unlock the clarifier fr this radio? JCpenney JC Penny 981-6241. I can not find the the correct way on this radio anywhere.


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