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Johnson Valiant project


King of NY
Apr 2, 2005
Rotten Apple Trees
I have a Johnson valiant. I no longer want said Johnson valiant. It was a project I never attempted. It was never on in my presence.
The good:
I have everything, I think. All tubes tested like perfect condition, I also have the original rectifiers and the solid state replacement ones.
I also am Including a spare chassis with all it's iron (transformers).

I don't want to through it out but I realize I'm never gonna get it on air.

if someone wanted to give it a good home I'd take literally ( probably) anything for it.

anything (probably).
I'll get a pic up tomorrow. But it's not much to see.

any takers to give a wayward Johnson a loving home where it can stretch it's legs in the country and frolick with all the other boat anchors on a nice antenna farm?

Here are pics. Plus the tubes


  • PXL_20230915_181617742.jpg
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  • PXL_20230915_181610373.jpg
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  • PXL_20230915_181546121.jpg
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  • PXL_20230915_181527693.jpg
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Hi, I am interested in the chassis for a homebrew amplifier. Would you be willing to take $25? I do not want to pay for the shipping of the transformers, don't need them.

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