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Just trying my hand at this...


Jan 16, 2014
Small City, Philippines
So our little group ordered these kits from that auction site..

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Yep, flea power indeed. Maybe 200-300 milliwatts from the specs but less on my tuner. No brand, just the generic china ones. 7.023 crystal. Maybe I should put it on my psu since it can run at 12v. From our testing, I was hearing my buds at around 2 km and the other from around 10km. The guy near me wasn't hearing me though but I could see that I was getting out from my tuner. I also tested mine from around 2km but with a psu instead of a batt and I was hearing it fine so I know it works. Still trying to figure out why I wasn't getting heard.
hmmm 7.023Mhz is out side the CW part of 40 meters for Tech/General class.. Extra class is ok that is down to 7.000Mhz. Do you have a link where you go them?

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