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Long Time Lurker Looking to Get Back Into CB

Welcome back!
All the radios and shops that have already been suggested, I don't think you will be disappointed with any of it. ( I have used those shops, and have all the radios suggested) All good choices and that makes it hard to choose.
As said before, the General is a big talker and is a well known radio. The 29 that is made today, still has the same circuit board layout as the old ones. There is a ton of mods if you want something to tinker with, it's a good choice. The new 29s still use through hole components as do the Galaxy and I believe General too. Makes it easier to work on compared to the other radios mentioned, which have surface mount components that are teeny tiny.
I would like to speak to one particular feature that I think makes a world of difference on the receive. The Stryker 955, Anytone 5555n2, Anytone 5555+n, and KpoDX 5000 all have dsp (digital signal processing) on the audio that filters out the static. I got the Kpo from Scott's radio and the dsp level is adjustable, the 955 dsp is not adjustable and I am not sure about the Anytones, because the versions I have are the older ones that didn't come with it.
Find some YouTube videos about the radios you are considering, and have fun!
@Shadetree Mechanic , the 5555N2 and it's lookalikes have the adjustable dsp that you mention and is a game changer. My 7900v stays on ssb and the RX dsp hasn't been off since owning it.
I recommend the Anytone 6666. No need to "peak & tune". Audio is excellent with the supplied microphone, 60 watts and a simple key press will unlock export mode. I run mine with a Sirio 5000 mag mount.
Hey Brother DXer another great guy to send a radio to is Stu, in Clyde New York. He's very reasonable and does a great job. He has on mine anyway.
He's also a great guy to talk with.
Of course, there is the shipping cost involved. As usual.
His site is https://dxradioshopny.com
Thanks Groundhog. Good technicians seem to be far and few between. It's good to know there are more options out there. We may need a new thread.. "Who is your two favorite technicians and why?"
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I called Scott at Scotts radio and he had a few other recommendations that he really liked. So I have been looking into those

I did have a question for you guys about pairing the radio up properly to the antenna. Is there a meter you would recommend to use or is the built in unit the radio has well enough?
However, if it would make more sense, I could get a SSB radio instead of the Cobra 29. The Cobra is very popular so getting one later should not be an issue.

If I were to do that, I would prefer the SSB radio to pay more homage to the old school design and not a full digital radio (for now at least). Which radios would you guys recommend for that route?


Uniden PC-122 (or PC-122XL), Uniden PC-244 (same as President AX-144), Uniden Grant (or Grant XL). Cobra 138XLR, 140-GTL, 146-GTL, 148-GTL (the models with side mount mic jack), Robyn SB-510D, Sears Roadtalker Slant-faced AM/SSB (this has AC supply built-in, runs DC also. JC Penney same config). Realistic TRC-450/451/453/465/480. President McKinley, Adams, Grant, AX-144. GE 3-5825 and 5825a

The majority of those listed were made in 1977-1981. Exceptions being Grant or Grant XL, PC-122XL, 146GTL, 148GTL, Trc-453 and 465. All are mobiles with the exception of the Sears and JC Penney radios (same guts). Many older, if not all could require a electrolytic capacitor replacement, but definitely not all of them. I've bought/owned all of those (with the exception of the JC Penney model). The most recent, last summer I picked up a Sears Slantface AM/SSB that I use as one of my base units. Nothing's been done to it (except quick adj. to get SSB as close to perfect frequency as possible). Your mileage may vary.

Happy Hunting!
Been researching more and believe I have decided on the Anytone-6666 or the CRT-SS 9900. From what I gather these are essentially the same but the CRT has a bit more features for the HAM side of things?
Ahh ok. Sounds like the CRT is the way to go as it will offer more expansion. I do plan to get a license for HAM.

For the CB/SSB, from what I could gather, they are comparable in terms of sound, receive, power, features, etc correct?

I will hit up Scotts again this week and see if he has any in stock, as well as some Antenna options. Sirio 5000, Stryker, or the Wilson 1000 Mag mounts are what I am after, in that order. I may not be able to get those from Scotts depending on his inventory. Which is fine, the radio is more important to get from a reputable shop.

Trying to get the most bang for my buck and get something that I can use as I gain more knowledge/license/etc.

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Another vote for the Anytone 6666 & Sirio 5000 magmount. That's my mobile setup. Works well and great SSB audio with the stock microphone.
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