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Long Time Lurker Looking to Get Back Into CB

Right now I have the General Lee with tune up at Scotts Radios in my cart with his alignment and conversion add on. I presume that is the same as the Peak and Tune others offer?

Still shopping around for a Cobra 29. Would really like a Nightwatch version but most everyone does not have any stock (understandable with the shipping and chip shortages)

However, if it would make more sense, I could get a SSB radio instead of the Cobra 29. The Cobra is very popular so getting one later should not be an issue.

If I were to do that, I would prefer the SSB radio to pay more homage to the old school design and not a full digital radio (for now at least). Which radios would you guys recommend for that route?
I agree with undertaker. Scott's and Bob's would be my first go-to. It sounds like you have a good strategy there for the radios and antennas. You may find that you change your mind at some point and get something different, but regardless, just do what makes you happy!!

PS.. As for the peak and tune, just know that one man's peak and tune is another man's butcher job. This is why my go-to guys are listed above. There are some great technicians and there are some hacks! I'm sure some of the other guys will jump in here and help with figuring that out. Lots a great people on this site, that's for sure!!
Amen! Be careful what you ask for or agree to. If you decide on other than the names recommended, be sure to ask the shop / technician to define "peak" and what effect will the peak have on the audio. My personal opinion is an alignment would be the priority.
I have an original / unmolested 2002 Uniden Grant XL with 3.5 watts, and it has worked great. Last year a forum member replaced all the capacitors and it's still ticking! I wasn't sure if it needed new capacitors, but what the heck.
Ok for SSB I think I have it down to the President McKinley, Uniden 980, the Anytone AT-6666, President Lincoln II+.

Would prefer a more old school design but it looks like those radios arent being produced anymore. Like the Galaxy 979

Can any of those radios be modded or are they pretty much good to go right out of the box as they are mostly digital?
I can't speak to the rest since I don't own any of them, but if one of the mods you're looking to do is expanded frequency coverage outside of the standard 40 the FCC allows stay away from Uniden 980 SSB. If you're planning on staying within what the FCC allows, it's a good choice.
With no mods the McKinley is ready to talk, the at-6666 only takes a button sequence to talk on the cb bands. The lincoln 2 plus needs opened up and resistor added in order to talk on the cb bands. The 980ssb is a decent rig but the McKinley is a far better choice by means of performance.

The Galaxy 979 or the 979F that replaced it haven't been available for some time but the 959 flavors occasionally come back into stock. The disadvantage to the Galaxy radios is lack of stability. They work but not as stable as the others mentioned.
Welcome back!
All the radios and shops that have already been suggested, I don't think you will be disappointed with any of it. ( I have used those shops, and have all the radios suggested) All good choices and that makes it hard to choose.
As said before, the General is a big talker and is a well known radio. The 29 that is made today, still has the same circuit board layout as the old ones. There is a ton of mods if you want something to tinker with, it's a good choice. The new 29s still use through hole components as do the Galaxy and I believe General too. Makes it easier to work on compared to the other radios mentioned, which have surface mount components that are teeny tiny.
I would like to speak to one particular feature that I think makes a world of difference on the receive. The Stryker 955, Anytone 5555n2, Anytone 5555+n, and KpoDX 5000 all have dsp (digital signal processing) on the audio that filters out the static. I got the Kpo from Scott's radio and the dsp level is adjustable, the 955 dsp is not adjustable and I am not sure about the Anytones, because the versions I have are the older ones that didn't come with it.
Find some YouTube videos about the radios you are considering, and have fun!
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Thanks guys. I think I am going to call Scotts radios tomorrow about the General Lee and the Anytone 6666/5555. Should I go for one over the other or whichever he has in stock and can tune?

If he has any of the antennas I am interested in I will get them from him as well.

K30, Wilson 1000 and a Sirio Performer 5000. I will only get 1 mag mount, maybe the K30 for backup or something.

If Scotts doesnt have the antennas, any good ebay sellers or reputable stores to get the antenna you guys would recommend? If I can support a radio hobbyist/enthusiast seller/store I would prefer to do that.

After that what would be a good SWR meter should I look into?
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