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More Proof Yaesu Makes Junk!


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Mar 3, 2018
Well I think everyone makes junk today. If they can get it made in China cheaply they will from component parts to boards to entire units.

They all want purple squirrels to work for them as well! Just like all of the engineering firms and design firms in Detroit!

They use less and less discrete components and more and more things are basically software defined.

It is getting foolish to pay top dollar today for most things because they are designed with planed obsolesces in mind instead of attempting to truly bridge the gap between performance and decent profit margin. Everything is biased towards max profit and regular turn over for maximum consumption.

They want 5x what the industry standard price would be for that battery just because they can charge it and amateur's with more money than brains will pay it. I am a terrible consumer when I was in middle school we where taught marketing, advertising and psy-op methods to arm us and make us critical thinkers and consumers!

I looked at a variety of HF radio's and while it does not have 6m which I would have liked I could not beat the G90 Chinessium radio. I intend to use it in my home as a base as my first true amateur radio. I will likely get a Baofeng as well to round things out. Not what I wanted for sure as my first choice but with the looming economic hardship coming it is a smart move. When Biden is out of office and we as a nation recover I can always upgrade!
The Yaesu FT-60 is a great ht and not chinesium.
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Oct 2, 2010
Several locals running 991As.. All but one have been sent back under warranty. PA gone .. low output. Thought they fixed this with the new "A" model.. apparently not so..
If you buy any Yaesu then you are simply a Beta Tester for them. Everyone I know that has a YAESU has returned it for repairs. A local has returned his 991A Twice under warranty so far. Not very dependable it appears as I have grown to expect.

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Feb 6, 2020
I learned long ago when I bought my FT100d that yaesu were clowns & I would not be buying another new yaesu product,

The disgraceful bodge modifications they did to try to fix the pa oscillation / high vswr icon problem was un freaking believable,

They never sorted it even though they made a mess in everybody's radio with metal straps clips drilling the chassis & putting copper foil where its doing nothing at all or in places where its not needed,

I found the problem by accident, fixed it without doing any soldering or mods to the circuit board & had zero issues since,

I did another for a local & removed the yaesu clown™ mods & its still working without any oscillation issues,

They say every cloud has a silver lining, Some Yaesu Owners can add,

"over 20 years unpaid experience in product testing & troubleshooting for a multinational communications company" to their CV
Any chance you can share what you found by accident? The YaesuClown mods were a joke and did not work for me either.


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tell the devil im gettin there as fast as i can,r
Jun 30, 2018
so far,yes so far only yaesu radio i ever owned is working great. but i hope it dont develop a bug cause yahoo service cant screw in a light bulb.
i traded for a new ftd 200. everybody likes the sound.im told sounds like me in person,great recieve. was easy to hook to wires x via scu 58 cable to my pc. no need for that complicated hri 2000 wires x box. think i got the number right.

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