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My Go2 Antenna by TN07


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Nov 12, 2013
1. Does anyone have experience with this antenna? if so, what are your thoughts?
2. This antenna appears to be different from the usual Chameleon and Alpha Antenna offerings in that this one is said to be a shunt fed antenna (through the use of the dual copper ground rods). I’m not sure exactly what a shunt fed antenna is or what the benefits are. Does anyone know?

Here is a link to the maker’s website: https://tn07.com/my-go2-antenna

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Glad to see you drop in dude, it's been a while!
I've got no education on the antler you speak of so just wanted to say hello!
Hello, Ed.
Been out of the loop for a while and just getting back in the swing of things. This cool weather’s pretty nice, huh?

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