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Noise Blankers that actually Work?


Oct 2, 2010
The ICOM 7000 has a great NB & other noise reduction filters. Best by far I have ever used in a mobile radio. Yaesu 857D was by far the Worst ever. It is a Pathetic Excuse for a radio so I would expect no less. I have owned many CB Radios that were far better radios than it was on it's best day.

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Shadetree Mechanic

Delaware Base Station 808
Oct 23, 2017
The First State (Delaware)
I have a Stryker 955 Radio and the NB works incredible well, the audio feeding a Sonic Cushion (a GE 47 light bulb and a pot type volume control 25 Ohms, that levels out the strong/weak station volume level) that feeds the Clear Speech DSP speaker unit, all mounted on my dash. It all works quit well allowing me to drive down the road and NOT hear ignition noise. Had to install two diodes across 955 audio output wires back to back, to prevent the snap pulse into the Clear Speech unit that has a 10 watt audio amp, when pressing the PTT switch.
The Sonic cushion sounds interesting, do you have a diagram?


Jan 14, 2019
Just to add my .02....

Icom 7300 and 7600 have great NB/NR function in them, a quantum leap over stuff like the 706. I bet the 7100 is also decent (given its adjustment range) but haven't gotten
one of those pups yet.

The 775 DSP and 781 had decent NB, for their time, but it's not nearly as good as the
other two rigs I just mentioned. It's still way better than the 706, 725/28, etc, though.

Another thing I always do which helps... shut off the front end (ATT, IPO, AIP, etc) or kill off the gain on RX when you don't need it. Kills off a lot of unnecessary noise when you don't really need to pull in the weakest signals. Most HF rigs have a pretty hot RX, and for SSB/AM use, the "rx full open" gain is overkill 9 out of 10 times.


Conrad Nerdahl

New Member
Nov 7, 2022
The NB on my IC-7000 does a fantastic job in my mobile.

Works as good as the NB on the old FT101E.

Kinda wondering about the NB on an FT101; because, I had the original NB on the FT101 and then upgraded to the newer NB on the FT101 (as per the FoxTango group); and, never had effective NB. And now on the FT2000; again the NB is almost useless; while instead, I defer more often to the DNR; which, as has been suggested, introduces certain levels of distortion and deceasing audio bandwidth. I will admit that the NB on the FT101; worked much better than the current NB on the FT2000. Just wondering if there's any modification available to enhance its capability. K5KUE

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