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NorthStar 880 HL (Galaxy 88 clone) SSB receive issue. (NEED HELP)


Nov 30, 2019
Okay so the NorthStar 880 HL has had an issue since I received it only dealing with SSB. AM functions perfectly fine.

The issue I have been having with this radio is only on SSB LSB and USB it doesn't matter. At first the signal meter at -67dbm would show an S-9 signal. After a while you would dramatically hear signal drop but would still be heard without issue but zero needle movement on the S-Meter and would only hear down to about -90dbm. When before it could hear to -127dbm when showing an S-9 signal same as AM. When the dropping issue occurs nothing effects AM side.

After trying to do some troubleshooting I figured I would just do a full recap of the radio which was a successful job. But the issue was still happening. During the recap I did a full solder reflow of the PLL and VCO section. I figured I needed to start looking elsewhere as this did not fix the issue. All of the oscillating cans tuned correctly as well as carrier offset cans. But I did notice issue with USB L20 can at times. I replaced this can and S-9 signal came back instantly and could hear to -127dbm again. Thought all was well.

Well I was wrong it lasted for about all of an afternoon until it became an issue yet again. I've also replaced D15, D16, D23, D24. TR12, TR17. I'm really lost as to why the transmit is being held back it's like the AGC isn't fully being kicked in. I've been at this thing for about 3 or 4 days with really no gain and I'm just trying to gain some assistance on where I should be looking next. During the duration of this entire time AM side has never had a single issue. Only occurs while in the operation of SSB. Many thanks in advance.



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    GR&T Super MC-11/A Crystal Synthesized and is in SAMS #22 I have no further information on this radio.
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    I have schematics and Manuals I need someone to work on it
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    I have a MC-7 as well W D-104!
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    does anybody have any Ideas for working on a General MC-11A