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not sure were to post plz help


Aug 14, 2013
Im new to this forum and new to the cb world. Im trying to find out what amplifier to buy for using on mostly am since I dont know anything about ssb.I also want to find out what all I need and what all I should know for hooking up a amplifier and using the amplifier with my cobra 148gtl. What meters should I have so I can tweak my radio on the go for if I want to take the amplifier out and just use my radio or use the radio with the amp or use the meters to watch how much power im sending out using the amp or how much power im sending into the amp. Want to have all this in my car if thats possible. Were do I post so all these questions get answered in one thread? Sorry if my sentences are bad or if my wording sucks.
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Welcome to the forum!

First off why do you need an amp? Start with the antenna and work backwards. Get a good antenna and mount it properly, NO MAG MOUNT. If you want it to work the best you must drill holes in the car. Here is a good site that will give you all the mobile info ever needed. My recommendation is a 102" whip, nothing out there will beat when its properly mounted and if you do get an amp it will take all you can give it.

Take the radio to a qualified tech and have it tuned up correctly. Don't worry about wattage, its not about watts. I have worked Europe on 10 watts from the car. When the band is open it does not take much. Don't over drive the audio, a clean signal works better every time. No Echo or noise toys, they just piss people off.

If you really want an amp, 100 watts is all you really need.

Meters? There are several to choose from, I personally like Diawa meters with an MFJ analyzer.

Good luck and again welcome to the forum.
Well theres a phew reasons why id like a amp. I drive alot everyday to and from work. Sometimes there are people that just get too nasty and its nice to be able to cut them off the air so I dont have to shut the radio off because of them and it seems the quickest way to get them to stop is to just deny them air space. A amp would be nice to have also to get a bit out there better. I have a wilson 1000 antenna. It does great and I can hear farther but sometimes I cant reach the people I hear.

What do you mean do not overdrive the radio?
What is a mfj analyzer? Trying to gain as much Info as I can. Have read many forums but ppl get too technical and just confuses the crap out of me.

Dont want to drill any holes.
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What do you mean do not overdrive the radio?
What is a mfj analyzer? Trying to gain as much Info as I can. Have read many forums but ppl get too technical and just confuses the crap out of me

You will always "Hear" further then you can talk, that's just the way radio works.

This is the analyzer i am talking about.

Over driving, how to explain, overly loud audio to the point of distortion. Far too many Cber's (and many hams too) turn up the audio too high to be LOUD. All this does is cause splatter and distortion. Turning up the audio is fine but control it, loud but not over loud.
Turning up the audio. What all would that detail? What changes about the radio making it too loud? If I do decide to do a 102" whip. Will a triple magnet be good enough and what would I need to buy for the whip to hook up to radio?
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There is a lot of ground to cover from your questions. When you ask a question concerning a transceiver radio, antenna, amp, etc.; it often leaves you with more questions.

First advice I'd give is to learn more before installing an amp. It can dramatically change your system. If things aren't correct you can end up with smoking equipment that no longer works. Antennas set up is going to get you heard more than power. I know you are running your radio in a mobile, but just for example. Take a 100W radio with a mag mount mobile antenna vs. a stock radio with a 1/2 wave antenna 36' in the air and the stock radio will probably out talk the big radio.

I think the best advice is to get your antenna right first. Being new, I don't think I'd run out and buy an antenna analyzer. Get a decent SWR meter and that will get you started. If you decide that radios are a permanent hobby, then you may want to invest in an analyzer.

To understand a tune up on the radio, you really need to know how the radio functions first. When I bought my first two radios, I had them tuned up because it sounded like I was going to be the king of the air. The guy that owned the shop just opened up the radio and turned everything to the max. The radio sounded bad and wasn't functioning properly. An improper tune can be deceiving. You can see more watts on the meter, and still have less performance than a stock (unturned) radio. Once I learned a little more about how the radio works, I was able to find a shop that was able to right my radios and now they sound good and perform well.

When you do get an amp, I would start with something small. Maybe a Texas Star DX250 or an RM Italy KL203. You can have variable power added to your Cobra 148 so you can operate it like normal with the amp off, then turn down your power for use with the amplifier. If you feed the amplifier with too much power from the radio, bad things start to happen. Many times you kill the amp.
Ok from what I can tell the variable control would be something id have to have a shop do for me. But how would I be able to tell how much im putting into the amp?
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Eagleeyes I will toss some things out there for you to consider and understand.

1) Amplifiers are illegal just so you realize that.

2) The antenna is the most important part of the system. Your Wilson 1000 is fine. I will assume you have already properly mounted the antenna and set the SWR.

3) You will want a shop to properly tune your radio. Have them set the AM dead key for 1.5 watts or install a variable dead key control so you can go from say 1.5 - 5 watts.

4) Choose a nice small 2 pill amplifier like a Texas Star 250, Midnight Special 250, or a KL300 just to list 3 choices.

5) You will need to do a good install on the amplifier, #10 or #8 wire, fuse by the battery and at the amp. Solder all connections. Run a 6 foot jumper. Red power line goes to the battery, ground to the floor or firewall.

I would also suggest you get a decent watt meter so you can keep tabs on what's going on. Each amplifier will have small differences in what drive levels they need to work right and so you don't burn the amp up. Most people dead key too much wattage into their amplifiers.

What version of Cobra 148 do you have? If it's one of the brand new radio's I would suggest you get a different radio before you even start. The new 148's are poor performers.
What would be a good radio to get? I understand that they are illegal. Just would like something nice to get out when need to for talking to get that extra little boost. I know alot of ppl have bad reps because of being splatter bugs but im not some ignorant idiot trying to piss people off. I like talking on the cb and its fun to meet up with some truckers that are nice and friendly and be able to talk a distance when splitting up. Sometimes it can turn there day around into something good and that I say is worth every penny. I say agian thanks for all the help. My cobra says model 148gtl D I think its like 2yrs old
You can do it the legal way or the illegal way. The choice is up to you. If you need something for emergency purposes then a cell phone fits the bill.
Remember that this a hobby. If you decide to go at it legally then you'll just have to put up with all the illegal's(outlaws).
Or you can study for a ham exam and amps would be legal within certain parameters. These guys on this forum are trying to steer you right and have some excellent recommendations for a good transceiver. So just keep asking questions and they try to get you pointed in the right direction.
Personally I have a Galaxy DX-959 that I use as a base station and for Am use mainly. My everyday mobile runner is a CRE-8900 that's good for ssb. Also I bought a Uniden Pro505XL cb radio that I had tuned and aligned when I purchased it. That and a good power mic will make this a fairly descent little radio. My 959 is LOUD with plenty of audio to spare.
Just listen to these guys and do some research then you can make an informed decision. Happy hunting! (y)

http://cbradiomagazine.com/Legal Mumbo Jumbo.html


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