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Oh Man My Head Hurts From AM

So lets kill the CB vers Ham vers SSB vers AM vers blah blah blah

Just play radio


Well, I hope nobody took my southern accent statement as a jab at CB. like AudioShockwav said just play radio. I don't have anything against CB or Ham. I like AM when there's someone to talk to, in this area AM is mostly dead air .Back around the early 90's there were still a lot of people talking on AM and I enjoyed talking nightly to a group of people on ch 13, most on that channel were family and that's what they
called it the family channel. Most were older gentlemen that have past on, but I've never forgotten them, they were really good people. I like SSB because it's easier to talk skip with my setup and it just appeals to me. Ham sounds like it would be fun but to be honest, I'm to lazy to study for a test but it does cross my mind. Back in the day I worked with a Ham operator and he would always stop by my work station and we'd talk about radio. He had some serious money tied up in his hobby, he had three really nice telescoping towers, he's passed on too, I miss talking to him. I don't have anything against CB/SSB/HAM I just wish more people were interested in radio period, I miss the nightly talks on the family channel.
My gut tells me that folks who take the time to participate in forums like WWDX both love and respect the hobby. I do and I put what I've learned both to enjoyment and to practical use as well.

When I bought my last boat two years ago, the salesman, who was excellent and experienced was scratching his head over my insistance that the VHF marine antenna be mounted in a certain way at a specific location with an extension mast - not where they installed it from the factory. They were shocked at the performance my set up got - far better than their stock set up. The data from an antenna analyzer really drove home the point.

Don't fall into the trap of acting like an ass just because some one else chose to. Enjoy the hobby. Keep WWDX great!
To be clear, on my post I wasn't implying that dave457 and w9cll were stuffy. I was jokingly inferring that the CB camp and the HAM camp were both stuffy.
That all depends upon the "campground" one drives into. Some are a hoot, while others are where itinerant tweakers go for their meth. ;)
As Codeman put it, I like the rag-chews on 40M and 80M too. I miss joining-in, but have been unable to since Hurricane Ian finished what Hurricane Irma started to my antenna situation.... Sux.
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