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Plowing Tioga Road


Staff member
Apr 6, 2005
Nor Cal Sierra Nevada
The guys working on Tioga Pass posted a few pictures on there feed.
Check it out

Early spring they were digging out to record snowpack, so they moved to lower elevations where there was plenty to eat, and then worked there way back up to the park.

All of the deer around here look good this year, spring was wet and lots of good foraging was available to them.
I usually have to run them out of the flower beds ( they love roses bushes for snacks) but this year they have plenty to eat so they have left them alone.

During the summer when they get active in the valley, in the employee housing areas you will see big pelican boxes sitting around.
Inside is gear to track tagged bears in the park.
it is common to see them in the summer, but fall is when they start to really get hungry. They are thinking about winter and will half rip a door off of imports for a ice chest or a bag of potato chips.
There are steel food lockers outside the tent cabins........


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