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Power supply choices

Captain Kilowatt

Professional Amateur
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Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada
I have a Powermax 100 amp and plan on using it with my RCI2970N3. Still looking for the best voltage to set it on for safe use either the radio. This is like a mystery it seems. I have it set to fixed output not charging. I think I eould rather the fan run all the time than just come on when it starts getting . What voltage do most run for their 300+ watt radio like a RCI2970N3

RTFM for the radio equipment for the best voltage to set it at.

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  • @ ButtFuzz:
    GR&T Super MC-11/A Crystal Synthesized and is in SAMS #22 I have no further information on this radio.
  • @ Robert Dinsmore:
    I have schematics and Manuals I need someone to work on it
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    I have a MC-7 as well W D-104!
  • @ Robert Dinsmore:
    does anybody have any Ideas for working on a General MC-11A