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Prefered Radio for SSB

which of the following would you choose to use on SSB?

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Uniden PC 122

My little Uniden PC122 is a great sideband talker. I also have a Realistic TRC465, which is essentially the same radio.

My regular base is a 30+ year old Realistic Navaho TRC490. It is also an excellent SSB talker.

The radios I mention here are Uniden radios. I also have a Phillipines made, Dynascan era Cobra 148GTL. The Uniden radios have always been the better SSB performers.
All good radios, have a few mentioned, a PC122XL, 2 magnum 257hp's, a uniden 980, an optima mk3, and a few others I can't think of that are put away currently. Using the magnum 257hp and a TNT 600hd on the base currently and it works great. Don't use the amp very often as the radio get the job done 99% of the time, when there is a big pile up I might fire the amp to get through the mess and then turn it back off when done, don't bother anything in my house or any of the neighbors either. Good coax and grounding of the antenna mast pipe Helps, I have 4 ground rods with #2awg solid that I use to ground my mast pipe at different lengths. I also have a piece of #10awg solid copper wire that I have running up my mast to near the bottom of the antenna and I use lmr400 coax as well from times microwave. All help with not having any issues with RFI/TVI from my old antron 99 that Is 36 ft to the tip. Does the job for a free antenna. I have plans to upgrade the antenna before purchasing any more radios at this time. Going to give one of the sirio antenna's a try, not sure which one, but it will be a good one. Anyway, any of the radios mentioned will work well on ssb. Just depends on how much power you want to run. If it was me I would look at the 2950 or the optima mk3 and get an external amp if wanted. The 2970 is a good radio don't get me wrong, but if I were to get one I would want to be able to disable the amp section and run the radio with less power when talking locally. JMO. Have a great one and hope you find a radio That you like. If you want to get more serious have a look at the icom 7200. Nice radio That can be converted to work on 11 meters and is built like a tank. Again JMO. God bless.
For CB 40 channels I like the Galaxy DX-979, Nice size, Lighted face plate, Variable power. I have no problems with mine. For Export/10 meter I like the Galaxy DX-99V2 for low power, I don't own one but It may be my next radio. or for a little more power the DX-94HP. I guess I like Galaxy radios. Not real thrilled by all the new stuff...I have a bad feeling they may crap out at a young age.
If using the radio for ssb mostly with some am, the magnum 257hp works good. It has good audio on both am and ssb with the stock mic. The 2950 or 2970 are good radios but as of late it seems ranger has had some QC issues. My vote still goes to the optima mk3. It's a simple radio to use and is built well. Fan included as well. Mine never gets warm even with a good rag chew session. JMO. God bless

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