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president grant mobile

Thank's did thr board push deal nothing suspect a bad cap some where will get it to the shop. thank's for all the reponse will let ya'll know what is found.
So am I seeing this correctly the 3 button 4 pin mic version is in most peoples opinion the better of the 2 that say president grant on the face??
The four-pin radio was made in 1978. The five-pin version was made in Taiwan from 1979 to 1989. Then in the Philippines from 1989 to the mid-1990s.

Age matters. A radio that's 43 years old is not necessarily better than a radio only 25 years old. Mileage matters when age adds up. Newer tends to be more reliable. And there will always be someone who gets nostalgic about a 1979 car. Says it's better than newer ones. But only if somebody dug down deep and covered the cost of upkeep.

It's not just the years it's the miles, too.

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